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Donkey Kong for the Game Boy is very addictive 1

Donkey Kong for the Game Boy is like the original arcade game starting off with the same 4 levels and exact same gameplay. Then once you have beaten the levels a scene showing Donkey Kong taking the princess again, then you go into world 1 of 9. There are 110 levels in this game as opposed to the 4 in the arcade. Each level has you to search for a key using many puzzle elements to bring the key to a door to finish the level. You have to create ladders and hang on ropes while avoiding to get hit ...

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eShop Game Review: Donkey Kong (Game Boy) 0

Perhaps the most harrowing and surprising thing about Donkey Kong for the Game Boy was, since its release, is that most people don’t know just what this game is for the DK series. It tricks you at the beginning by presenting the four levels from the original arcade in a gesture that makes you think “ok, so this is just a regular ass arcade port to portable gaming.” But then, after you crash Donkey Kong down a multi-tier building and saved Paulina, you actually don’t start over again in loop unti...

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A Game Boy classic now for cheap. 0

The rough streets of "BIG CITY."The original Donkey Kong arcade game might not seem like such an easy title to update at first. After all, most arcade games are based on high scores and extreme repetitiveness. In addition, you might think that there is only so much mileage that a game could get out of the original's "climb to the top of a stage while avoiding obstacles" format while trying to pad it out as a full package. With Donkey Kong '94 though, Nintendo managed to change things up by turni...

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