Daily Dota fanart!

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#51 Posted by aurahack (2539 posts) -
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#52 Posted by Winternet (8399 posts) -

Damn, son! That is freakin well done.

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#53 Posted by Delawa (15 posts) -

So fucking awesome, good job!

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#54 Posted by Cyborgmatt (101 posts) -

Amazing! Love the little Shagbark <3.

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#55 Posted by Fobwashed (2728 posts) -

Excellent work =) Were you the one that did the original GB review pics? This art seems mighty familiar.

@matt said:

@pyromagnestir said:

@aurahack: I would love to see a Matt Pascow! Maybe one day I shall...

Kessler gets to be whale and I only get cow? This doesn't seem fair at all!

Lol. Pascow. As far as the puns have been on DD, this one needs more action.

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#56 Posted by Tidel (372 posts) -
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#57 Posted by GaspoweR (4859 posts) -

@aurahack said:
No Caption Provided

It's done! It's donnenenenakjakjhdlkahjdkasjhdlakjsdhnalskdjnalskjdhaslkdjhas so much work.

But it was worth it. I love Daily Dota so much. I wanted to give back in my own special way, so here you go, guys! Thanks for the hours upon hours of entertainment. (and the many more to come, if Brad can get his internet situation working. :c)

If you're a tumblr user, you can reblog it/like it here. c: Also, have a special non-logo version. A GIANT BOMB FORUM EXCLUSIIIIIIIVE.


This needs to be the Icon for every video now.

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#58 Posted by Sweep (10205 posts) -

I still have no idea what Crispy actually looks like.

He's some kind of fish or something, right?

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#59 Posted by bitterpants (58 posts) -

So good.

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#60 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4714 posts) -

I have no idea what happens in the Daily Dota but that's some pretty sweet internet art.

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#61 Edited by Marino (6474 posts) -
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#62 Edited by aurahack (2539 posts) -

@marino: <3 <3 <3

@markwahlberg: Thank you :D

@bitterpants: Thanks!

@sweep: I believe it would be "molgogi", actually.

@gaspower: I have it on good authority that this is now the promo art for the show :D

@tidel: Thank you! c:

@fobwashed: I can't think of any other puns, though... Crwispy? And no, I wasn't the one to make the review pics. That was none other than Ben Coello. I guess it does look pretty similar, though, haha. I went for something a little simpler than my usual style because of time constraints and whatnot. D:

@cyborgmatt: Thank you so much! Shagbark is so much fun to draw, so double-thanks to you for making him a reality! :D

@delawa: Thanks, duder!

@winternet: Thank you!

All of you are just the best. Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm thrilled to be but a small part of the best community on the internet. <3

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#63 Posted by Nokterian (66 posts) -

That looks amazing! They should use it for daily dota :D

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#64 Edited by bemusedchunk (888 posts) -



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#65 Posted by cloudnineboya (990 posts) -

mad skills #bigplays

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#66 Posted by Asky314159 (79 posts) -

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but this is awesome! Nice work!

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#67 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4109 posts) -

This is awesome. Love it.

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#68 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

@aurahack: I always throw Tide Hunter, Dazzle, and Slark into the "fishy tank". I mean I am not entirely sure what Tide Hunter is.

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#69 Edited by aurahack (2539 posts) -

@extomar: I'm not sure myself. He kinda looks like a mutated whale to me, but I also have little marine biology knowledge so... take that with a grain of salt.

@thesoutherndandy: Thank you!

@asky314159: I don't think so. :( BUNCHA JERKS 'ROUND THESE PARTS. (<3)

@cloudnineboya: #bigthanks

@bemusedchunk:I ATE THEM. I was really hungry.

@nokterian: They do now! Permission was asked and gladly handed over. I couldn't be happier!

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#70 Posted by Brake (1290 posts) -

That is totally awesome. Now Daily Dota will live forever.

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#71 Posted by HellknightLeon (489 posts) -

Awesome work! We need more Dota in our lives. Sad part is most people don't post amazing art like this on DA. Cool place for it... just saying. Oh God don't flame me!!!

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#72 Posted by TheHT (14551 posts) -

Holy hell in a trebuchet, that's some fantastic artwork.

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#73 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -
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#74 Edited by Y2Ken (2639 posts) -

I love this. Thank you.

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#75 Posted by Parsnip (1243 posts) -

I don't watch Daily Dota, but that's pretty awesome artwork right there.

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#76 Posted by Tarsier (1491 posts) -

didnt brad quit dota yesterday?

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#77 Posted by aurahack (2539 posts) -

@brake: Even without this artwork, it lives on forever in our hearts.

@theht:I've never heard that expression before. It's really great, haha. Thank you!

@supamon:I'll more than most likely post it on my blog when I'm done doing them, so keep your eyes peeled there!

@y2ken:I love you!

@parsnip:Thank you c:

@tarsier: Yesterday's situation was pretty lame but I'm sure Brad can't quit the siren call of Shagbark.

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#78 Posted by thornbush (44 posts) -

This is awesome! Amazing work duder!

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#79 Posted by Coafi (1520 posts) -

Great work, duder!

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#80 Edited by Cold_Wolven (2485 posts) -

That's so damn good!

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#81 Edited by aurahack (2539 posts) -
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#82 Posted by aku88 (125 posts) -

Fantastic artwork there @aurahack !! If it's cool with you, I think I'd like to use the non-logo version as the wallpaper for my phone.

Damn the Giantbomb community is seriously the best.

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#83 Posted by aurahack (2539 posts) -

@aku88: Weird. I didn't get notified for that. But sure man, go for it! And thanks!

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#84 Posted by WolfHazard (671 posts) -

This is fantastic, now can you do a wrestling match between Justin McElory and Chris Plante in this style? I'll pay upwards of $7!

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#85 Edited by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

@aurahack: Really well done. Now these slackers look somewhat presentable

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#86 Posted by aurahack (2539 posts) -

@blur_fan: Thanks Chase! Means a lot to hear. :D

@wolfhazard: Thanks! And considering I usually charge $50-60 for that level of artwork... hmmmmmmm... (If you were willing, though, I would totally draw that.)

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#87 Edited by aku88 (125 posts) -

Much obliged!

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#88 Posted by xXHesekielXx (385 posts) -

Nicely done! This artwork is fabulous.

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