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    Douglas Shetland

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    Douglas Shetland was prior to the events of Chaos Theory, Sam's closest friend outside the NSA. He and Fisher both served in the same Navy SEAL team. And Shetland's capture by the enemy on a mission, which led to Fisher's eventual rescue of him, launched Sam's career in the NSA as a Splinter Cell.

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    Douglas Shetland was the commanding officer of Sam Fisher’s Navy SEAL team for many years, during which time, him and Fisher became good friends.   In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Shetland was captured in Norte de Santander, Colombia by FARC guerrillas in 1992.  Fisher, going against direct military orders, went off the radar, left camp and successfully freed Shetland. 

    Fast forward to 2002, after a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, Shetland’s superiors attempt to use him as a scapegoat.  He was granted a discharge, but sued his superiors in retaliation.  He won, making $700,000 in the process.  Money he would later use to create his own Private Military Corporation, Displace International.  Displace was highly successful eventually becoming one of the United States top contractors.

    During the beginning of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.  Shetland is captured by Suhadi Sadono after his raid on the American Embassy in Indonesia.   But Fisher saved him as a bonus to his mission there.  Shetland would later return the favor by giving Third Echelon and Fisher Displace International data and support against Sadono.  As well as helping with Fishers risky extraction of Sadono.

    At the beginning of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, it is believed that Displace International has corrupt members trying to cause a war between the United States and North Korea.  This is kept under close tabs by both Third Echelon and Fisher, eventually leading to the discovery that it was in fact Shetland behind the covert plot.

    Fisher and Shetland square off
    Fisher and Shetland square off

    Fisher is then ordered to track down and eliminate Shetland by whatever means necessary.  Eventually leading to the two meeting in a face to face showdown on a rooftop of a Tokyo bathhouse where Shetland was attempting to further his scheme.  While the two have guns to each other’s heads, Shetland attempts to coax Fisher to join his fight.  Saying things like, “Politicians and Bureaucrats and their “little wars”, have left America sick and dying.”  And that the only possible solution now was to, “Tear it all down, and start over.”

    Shetland then lowers his own firearm with the line, “You wouldn’t shoot an old friend…”, giving you the option to either shoot Shetland, or lower your weapon.  If you lower your weapon, Shetland tries to shoot Sam, but Fisher ducks and stabs Shetland in the back and throws him through a window.  Leaving the scene with the line, “You’re right Doug.  I wouldn’t shoot an old friend…”

    If you actually do shoot Shetland, the same cut scene is still triggered minus the stabbing.


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