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    Dr. Elvin Atombender

    Character » appears in 4 games

    Antagonist of the Impossible Mission series of games. Seldom seen (but often heard), he sends his deadly robots to do his bidding.

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    Elvin is a psychotic genius, a megalomaniac who wishes to destroy the Earth. In the first Impossible Mission, he gained access to the primary attack computers of every major world power, intending to trigger a missile attack that would spell the end of the world. After penetrating Elvin's underground stronghold, however, Agent 4125 eventually managed to break the security code and enter the control centre where the evil mastermind was located.

    After this failed attempt to cause the destruction of the planet, Elvin somehow escaped incarceration and fled to his immense eight-tower complex. From here, he started in his second effort to gain control of international military computers. He became increasingly mentally unstable at this point, muttering threats about destroying himself along with the rest of the world. But while Elvin was busy trying to hack into the world's missile systems, Field Agent Bravo 29 had managed to infiltrate the complex...

    Elvin is also known for verbally taunting any Agents attempting to thwart his plans. He will issue commands to his minions ("Destroy him, my robots") and welcome any intruders with his timeless introduction: "Another visitor. Stay a while. Stay forever!"


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