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    Draco Centauros

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    Draco is a fire-breathing dragon girl from the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series.

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    Draco Centauros is a character from the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series. Her name is sometimes written as "Draco Centaur" (as centaurs are called centauros in Japanese) or "Doraco" (a direct romanization of the Japanese spelling of her name). She is a half-human, half-dragon hybrid known for her trademark call of "Gaoh!"

    Madou Monogatari

    Draco Centauros is an enemy class in Madou Monogatari 1-2-3; in addition to the standard version, a midboss version named "Super Draco Centauros" is battled in Madou Monogatari III. Dracos attack either by clawing or by using Fire Breath.

    Puyo Puyo

    Like many Madou Monogatari enemy classes, Draco Centauros appears in the Puyo Puyo series as a single character. She is particularly notable for being the first opponent of the very first Puyo Puyo's regular mode. Draco is very competitive, frequently challenging Arle Nadja to Puyo matches and beauty contests. She is the player character of Puyo Puyo Sun's Easy course, and joins Arle's party in Puyo Puyo~n. In Puyo Puyo 7, Draco will never manually drop her Puyo, while in 20th Anniversary she will never rotate her Puyo.

    Her attacks consist of fire breathing and martial arts techniques. She uses Fire Breath, Draco Tail, Draco Wink, Dynasonic and Draco Upper in Yo~n, while she uses Fire Breath, Burning Breath, Draco Special, Dynasonic and Great Fire in 20th Anniversary.

    Her theme in 20th Anniversary is based on the Rival Mode theme from the console versions of Puyo Puyo Sun.

    In Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche, she was replaced by Arms and Poppy Bros. Sr. respectively.


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