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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    Game » consists of 24 releases. Released Feb 05, 2015

    A fighting game for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC set in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

    guip1408's DragonBall Xenoverse (PC) review

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    The Only Missing Part is it being A Good Game

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse let's you create your own character from the DBZ universe, that you can earn experience with and upgrade him distributing points in a RPG system. While you also customize your gear, your moves and items. Giving you different looks, stats, bonuses and all of that. Your character will also join Future Trunks on a mission to correct history. You need to go back to various points in the past, in the most important moments in the DBZ universe to make sure they end up right, like it's supposed to be. Fighting along side your favorite heroes and villains from the saga and being able to play as one of them on the side missions as well.

    So, that's great, right? Well, the fighting itself sucks. It's one of the most repetitive gameplays you can find, the missions have a difficult arc that doesn't make sense, when you suddenly will come across an enemy that you have no chance, making you need to grind IN A FIGHTING GAME, to earn experience. And to do that, you'll do a bunch of side missions that are basically all the same and are hard as F. The story is absolutely boring, despite it giving us a slightly new take, it's just reliving the same old arc of the DBZ sagas, but with more repetitiveness, making you fight the same fight over and over again, just to give the game more playing time.

    The pros are that they put every DBZ character in a game that you can play 3v3. The cons are everything else, there's just bad execution everywhere. Even the characters the game have are weirdly choosen, for instance, at some point I had like 10 types of Goku unlocked, and none of them were a SS. Same goes for Vegeta. You have some of Freezas soldiers that nobody cares about but you don't have his 2 middle forms, or Android 16 for instance. This game was already not that good, now with FighterZ existing, there's no way to go back to this.

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