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Back in Time for More Craziness 0

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prequel to the previous game in the series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, the former takes place a couple of months before the latter. The world came to a point where the Nazi forces are winning, and the US Army sends BJ Blazkowicz to Castle Wolfenstein, on an infiltrating mission. Where he needs to recover some secret documents.The story is straightforward and direct, and you’ll go through a linear path, meeting new characters each time you hit a new area. If...

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Not My Crypt of Tea 0

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm-based roguelike dungeon-crawler indie game. Where you move through floors in a grid-based space, and on the beat of the soundtrack. So you can go in four directions, each time the music gives you a beat, you move towards chests, doors, and items to interact with them, and move towards enemies to attack them. If you miss the timing on the beat or don’t hit any direction, the enemies will still move on that beat, and you can get hit for that, as well as l...

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Second Homerun in A Row 0

Final Fantasy 7 had a mountain of pressure and/or hype when it came out, it wasn’t just the seventh game in a beloved series, but the follow up to Final Fantasy 6, one of the most beloved games of its time. And not only the seventh game decided to follow the footsteps of its predecessor, with a technology-heavy world, more cyberpunk than the traditional fantasy. It also would be the first game in the series to go full 3D, on a brand new generation of consoles, and this time, with Sony, bei...

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Improving the Addicting Loop 0

The Division 2 keeps the traditional 3rd-person cover-based shooter gameplay, in a post-apocalyptic setting with thousands of different loot, that its predecessor had. The game looks amazing, plays better, has an increase in the gameplay loop and changes the location from New York to Washington, DC.The player, once again, is a member of the Division, an agent, sent to do the hardest job available out there. You’ll be in a wasteland, that after the outbreak – the dollar flu from the f...

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A Fun but Flawed Game 0

Dying Light is an open-world post-apocalyptic game, with a first-person perspective and parkour-like movement. You play as Kyle Crane, from Chicago, who is sort of an agent for the GRE (Global Relief Effort). You’re deployed in the city of Harran, where you have a mission, which is to recover stolen files from a man named Suleiman, files which he stole from the GRE after they refused to help his crippled brother be evacuated during the outbreak.When you’re deployed, you quickly learn...

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Off to an OK Start 0

Dead or Alive was one of the good 3D-Fighting series to start in the 1990s. The first game came out in 1996 in Arcades, having a style that was like a mesh of Tekken and Virtua Fighter, but, in my opinion not as good as those two. Dead or Alive was a little bit more loose, for some reason. It’s known for having a disturbing “bouncy boobs” physic, that just exaggerates on the bounce for the girls’ characters’ parts. As well as being more loose when it comes to the ga...

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A Great Foundation in A Competitive Genre 0

The first Guilty Gear game came out for the PSOne in the middle of an era that had a load of fighting games being released left and right. In a time of difficult decisions, where some of them were moving to a 3D graphical style, instead of the 2D from the previous generation. Guilty Gears stands apart from the pack with its extremely good character personality and diversity, being the first successful game made by Arc System Works, who nowadays are known for their amazing 2D style and design.I ...

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The Charming Mana Series in Another Generation 0

Legend of Mana is the fourth title in the Mana series, but only the third one released outside of Japan, while being the first on the fifth generation of consoles. The Mana series is known as Seiken Densetsu in Japan, the first one was released worldwide as Final Fantasy Adventure, for the Game Boy. The second game was released as The Secret of Mana, which became a classic for the SNES. The third one never came out outside of Japan, which is Seiken Densetsu 3, and what might be the best game in...

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Left Behind Didn't Leave Any Quality Behind 0

The additional content to The Last of Us is to fill in on a part of Ellie’s story that wasn’t shown in the main game. She is, still, the star of the show with a performance as incredible as during the full story. At first, I was a bit off on Riley, I thought they were trying too hard to make her be the way she was written. But in the second half of the game, I started to enjoy her more when her interactions with Ellie started to have more meaning.That’s one thing that I really ...

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Naughty Dog's Finest 0

The Last of Us takes the post-apocalyptic setting and takes to new highs. It involves you with an absolutely amazing plot that should be experienced by every video games fan out there.The game starts you with a banger of an intro, one of the best prologues in gaming history. Making you get involved without wasting any time. At first I was weirded out by the fast forward, but ended up being a plus overall. The traditional survival-horror atmosphere is here, you won’t have that much ammo to...

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Improving on the Improvements 0

The third game in the Uncharted series takes an extra step towards amazing action games that doesn't care to look like a completely over the top popcorn action movie, while being awesome. I thought the second game was way better then the first one, improving in every level, and I think the third one is slightly better the his predecessor, keeping the trend upwards.The game keeps delivering on the crazy moments, amazing visuals and incredible graphical detail. Again, having a great villain - lik...

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The End of A Cycle for Kratos 0

God of War 3 is the conclusion of Kratos adventure, or at least his first one. It’s more of what fans of the series learned to love, with some cool new additions and still some small problems.It starts with the same idea, you’re Kratos, the God of War, seeking revenge on who he believes did him wrong. You’ll start with all your powers from the previous game, but soon lose them, so you can become stronger all over again. Through the adventure you’ll be a part of some epic ...

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A Sequel Full os Mistakes 2

Shadow of War enhances the nemesis system, adding forts to the mix, where you can have control of a big fortress in each map of the game. These fortress are contested by siege battles, in which you play just a flat out war of hundreds of orcs controlled by you against hundreds of orcs controlled by Sauron. Sometimes you are the attacker, trying to destroy their gates and brake in, sometimes you're the defender. That's the coolest addition to the game, siege battles are the best part to play. But...

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The Second Throwback Game from Confused Pelican 0

After 3 years of the release of Iron Fisticle, the devs from the team Confused Pelican tried another take on a throwback twin stick shooter. Gameplay and style whise is basically the same game, but with 4 player co-op mode, 4 characters to choose from, a couple more itens and differente game modes. In this game, like the first one, you go through 4 floors with a lot of rooms full of enemies, but instead of the map being a square, it's a more linear grid where you just choose the direction to go ...

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A Nice Throwback Game 0

Iron Fisticle is a throwback twin-stick shooter, that reminds me of a game that I liked alot, which was Smash TV. But here, we have a fantasy setting of some sort. Instead of shooting with a gun, you throw axes, swords, bombs, nothing too fancy or modern. Most of the enemies you face are zombies, you'll face a bunch of other types of enemies, but not at the same quantity.The game has a roguelike style of loop, we're you go on runs, through a "campaign" that has 4 floors, with a bunch of rooms, e...

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How to do a sequel 0

The second game, in the Uncharted series, does everything right when it comes to improving what came before it, which was a game that set a foundation that could absolutely be improved upon. Well, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves did that perfeclty, it improved on every single thing compared to the first game. Sure, it's not perfect, the shooting can be repetitive from time to time, you can jump to the wrong place or die unfairly once or twice. But it's not enough to hinder the experience the game pre...

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The Only Missing Part is it being A Good Game 0

Dragon Ball Xenoverse let's you create your own character from the DBZ universe, that you can earn experience with and upgrade him distributing points in a RPG system. While you also customize your gear, your moves and items. Giving you different looks, stats, bonuses and all of that. Your character will also join Future Trunks on a mission to correct history. You need to go back to various points in the past, in the most important moments in the DBZ universe to make sure they end up right, like...

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One of the most surprising games I can remember 0

When I did pick this game up, I expected to be just a normal Mario Tennis game, where you can play with all the characters from the Mario universe in tournaments of various difficulties and lenghts. And boy was I surprised by what I encountered here.This game makes you start with a complete new character, a normal human being, not related to the Mario universe. Putting you into a full story-focused-RPG-tennis game. That's just amazing, what a great idea and execution. The story is well written, ...

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The Last Great Game Bioware Made 0

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third game in one of my favorite franchises. Done by one of the best developers in the business when it comes to create an RPG and make you care for the world they create. The game takes place after the previous two and it has its problems, but it's still one of the best western RPGs we have out there.It may not have the best story, sometimes it has weird pacing, but it's better then I expected after the reputation it got. But you'll not get the best experience pos...

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An Amazing Battle Royale Experience 0

When PUBG first came out, I loved it. Played it for 100+ hours, but didn't think it was game of the year material. Then I pretty much hated every other BR game that came out after that, I hate the building in Fortnite and I thought it was way too hard to kill in Blops 4 (and FPS is the genre I played the most in my life). The reason I didn't stuck to PUBG for another year, was that I don't like the 3rd person camera, makes it possible for people to see you without you see them, and the FPS serve...

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A great entry on a underrated series 0

Initially titled "F-Zero 64", F-Zero X is the second game on the F-Zero series, and the first one to have 3D graphics. A very well liked but not that big of a franchise, in my opinion is still underrated, specially looking back at how fun the games were and how little people paid attention to them compared to other big series. This game gives you 3 Grand Prix and 6 machines to choose from, at the start, as well as four difficulties to pick. And at the end you will have 30 machines, and a extra G...

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Solidifying A Genre 0

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was the first game of the series to move on from a linear action-platformer to a more exploration based style of game. Similar to what we got from Super Metroid, having a lot of back tracking, making you open a new path each time you got a new ability/upgrade, becoming the genre we know now as Metroidvania(the combination of the two names).In this game you play as Alucard, the son of Dracula. It's a direct sequel to Rondo of Blood, the first level of this game...

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Starting out strong! 0

I came late to the Fire Emblem franchise, and decided to start with the first one, even more then a decade later. And I was really impressed by how it's still an amazing game that holds up well.The character diversity is really well made, I can't remember any other franchise with as many types of combinations for characters, classes and their weapons, that still feel balanced for the grand majority of it. I liked how they split the story mode, and how they made the presentation, moving from chap...

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A strange and charming little game 0

Donut County is a pretty weird game, it's really short (around 2 hours of gameplay max), it has a simple idea: you control a hole on the ground, and your job is to put that hole under things to swallow them, each time you get something inside, the hole increases, giving you more options to swallow next. Between levels, the story has some really charming and funny dialogue.Most of the game takes place deep down on earth, where the characters (animals) accuse BK of putting them there with his donu...

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A fine and charming little game, in a big genre 0

Iconoclasts is a 16-bit 2D Action-Platformer, focused on puzzle and exploration. It has a really cool look to it, very charming, having a lot of dialogue, with some character to its design. The game has a Metroid-like map for you to go around and explore, in a futuristic setting, where you are placed in the shoes of Robin, a young girl who is a mechanic, and lives in a alien world where the authorities despise that line of work. The story is actually pretty deep, but it loses itself on how deep ...

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A Retro Homage to Ninja Gaiden 0

The Messenger is a 2D Action-Platformer inspired by the Ninja Gaiden games from the NES era, with really tight controls and cool level design. It's starts really strong with it's linear progression, and it kind of loses momentum at the middle of it, when it tries to give the game a cool twist.The idea and the presentation behind that twist is simply amazing, I kept thinking "how did nobody thought about this?". The graphics as well as the music are what gives the game its charm and personality,...

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A Masterpiece that could've been even better 0

The second Red Dead Redemption might be the hardest game to talk about. Because it's so impressive, the production value, the dept, the performances, the game just looks amazing. But it doesn't have the best controls, or one of the best gameplays, while sometimes is too slow or repetitive. But still, the story of Arthur Morgan is one that will be remembered for the ages.I love how Rockstar made us feel that the story arc in the game is personal, they give some characters with big personalities, ...

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What a tremendous little Game 0

I don't even know what to talk about when it comes to Celeste. The game is a incredible Platformer that tells the story of Madeline, as she has to deal with anxiety and some other problems that you see throughout the game. The main thing I can say is: Just go play this game, unless you don't like platformers, just do yourself a favor and pick this up.The controls are some of the thigest that I've ever seen, the level design is perfect, the pace is great, you'll die a bunch, because the game is r...

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A Decent Entry in a Great Series 0

Mega Man 11 grabs the traditional Mega Man formula and tries a couple of different things with it. As a long time Mega Man fan, I wasn't thrilled about all of it, but it still was a fun experience.The first and noticeable change with the 11th game is the Double Gear system, a power that you start with, for story reasons. You have three ways to use these systems, you can slow time, you can increase the power of your blasts or you can use both, but without being able to stop it. The bomber has a h...

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A nice throwback to the 80s 0

Alwa's Awakening is a action-platformer game, with some metroidvania elements, made in a 8-bit style graphics. It highly resembles an NES game, with modern days polish and resolution. The game is pretty simple, but at the same time clever. It doesn't try anything that different from the games it gets inspiration from, having very familiar level designs and controls. It takes around 8 hours to complete a very traditional story of exploring the world and fighting enemies to get 4 items that look l...

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The Ultimate Battlefield Game, right? 0

First of all let me say, I really like this game, it's the best feeling Battlefield game ever. The running and shooting has never been this good, and I'm a big FPS player, this game is on another level when it comes to that. But that said, I can't give it 5 stars because it launched too rough around the edges, with a number of bugs, things like trying to respawn on a unfortunate time, trying to quit games or having the menu open when the match starts, and a absurdly horribly balanced map for con...

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A decent take on what now became a genre 0

The Surge is a souls-like game, set in a futuristic world where kind of an apocalipse happened. In a sense of a mega corporation that produces robots couldn't handle their sh*t, making machines and ciborgs go crazy. It's a very interesting setting, and it's very well done, the game has a great start to it, in my opinion, but it takes too long to pick up the interesting parts in the middle/end. The game has Metroidvania elements and doesn't tell you exactly what to do or where to go next, kind of...

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A very tactical little game 0

Into the Breach it's a really well done game, it accomplishes a very clever try on a type of puzzle-strategic gameplay.You have a squad of three mechs, and you place them on a 8x8 board where you have to fight for survival and defend the civilization, which are you source of energy. Each mission adds a twist as side-mission for you to earn extra rewards. The game is a roguelike (or roguelite, whatever), where the plot tries to make sense of the gameplay loop, you are a type of special forces tha...

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A messy but fun metroidvania 0

Sundered is a 2D Metroidvania that came out around the same time as games like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells, making it be quickly forgettable by the community. I first saw Dan playing it on a Quick Look and thought it didn't look great. But then the game became available on Origin Access and decided to give it a shot. I ended up liking the game quite alot, had a lot of fun with it.The game has some combat problems, the number of enemies you can have on screen is absurd and it can quickly just be...

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I'm not quite sure what it is 0

Fe is a very weird 3D platformer, you are a type of little fox-ish creature in a very dark forest with some bad stuff happening that the game doesn't really explain that well. You can comunicate with other animals through music, you can learn different types of languages (musical) to keep increasing the number of species that you can comunicate with. You help them and gain their trust to become close, receiving their help to progress. Each type of song can unlock a type of plant that has differe...

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A fun little game 0

The idea of putting Plants and Zombies in war against each other is very funny, and that was what Plants vs Zombies did with first in the series, that was a tower defense game. Now they give us a full multiplayer 3rd person shooter, with different modes and a big variety in classes and skins for each character in each team.For the whole time that I've played Garden Warfare PvP I had a smile in my face, it's fresh and unique, compared to the other multiplayer shooters we have. But I didn't felt t...

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The disappointment of the generation? 0

Mass Effect Andromeda was full of bugs when it came out, with some horrible face expressions and lighting display. But then they patched it alot, how it's now? Well, it's still bad. At least compared to the rest of the series and some other triple A games from the same year.The game has a really weird start that didn't grabbed me one bit. It keeps making you guess for whats going on, with a few moments that felt rushed, but at the same time it takes a really long time to pick up, on the gameplay...

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One of the most underappreciated Games I've played 2

First let me start with the negative and why I didn't gave it 5 stars. The game has some technical problems, for instance, alot of the cutscenes have focus problems and stays blurry for most of it. As well as while you're walking through the city at night the lights keep poping on and off, what was weird. And the enemy variety could've been deeper for the amount of fighting the game has.That said, I love this game. I don't understand why people that liked Origins hated it so much. I love how the...

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One of the all-time great First Person Shooters 0

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 did one of the rarest things a video game can do. While being a direct sequel to a masterpiece and revolutionary game, was albe to keep the same amazing level and even improve the formula in some aspects. It's one of the best first person shooters of all time, without question.The game kept what Call of Duty 4 started, the multiplayer with lots of loadout options and killstreaks to choose from. They added also the deathstreak, so players that couldn't perform that ...

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The last piece to one of the greatest trilogies in gaming 0

Mass Effect 3 continues the story arc from the first two games, you're all in to what could be the last war of your cycle. The game keeps improving on the gameplay feel from the previous games, while changing some aspects of customization to equipment and upgrades. The experience from player to player will vary depending on what happened on your playthrough of the second game. I saw alot of people complaining of the amount of "coincidence" meet ups that the game presents. But in my case, not tha...

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