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    Iron Fisticle

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 16, 2014

    A modern take on the classic arena shooter that adds collectible items and randomly generated dungeons to the formula.

    guip1408's Iron Fisticle (PC) review

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    A Nice Throwback Game

    Iron Fisticle is a throwback twin-stick shooter, that reminds me of a game that I liked alot, which was Smash TV. But here, we have a fantasy setting of some sort. Instead of shooting with a gun, you throw axes, swords, bombs, nothing too fancy or modern. Most of the enemies you face are zombies, you'll face a bunch of other types of enemies, but not at the same quantity.

    The game has a roguelike style of loop, we're you go on runs, through a "campaign" that has 4 floors, with a bunch of rooms, each of them full of enemies, with a boss at the end of each floor. And through the killing and looting you'll earn some upgrades, only for that run. But between some rooms you can find shops, where you can buy upgrades or itens for that run, as well as permanent upgrades for each subsequent run after that, on that level of difficulty that you're in. Each level of difficulty - Easy, Normal and Hard - has it's own progression, where your character can level up and improve his cap for stats, as well as permanten upgrades like starting the run with more damage or more speed.

    I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this game, it's fun and easy to pick up. Can be a great podcast game also, you can play a Challenge mode where you go through the main campaign, which are the 4 floors I mentioned, without any upgrade that you previously got. While if you just go for the standard game mode you can keep going forever for a high score, each time it takes you back to the start with a more difficult path and more enemies. It's really good, and really cheap.

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