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    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Oct 13, 2009

    Nathan Drake returns to find the lost secret of Marco Polo, in this sequel to the 2007 sleeper hit Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

    guip1408's Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PlayStation 4) review

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    How to do a sequel

    The second game, in the Uncharted series, does everything right when it comes to improving what came before it, which was a game that set a foundation that could absolutely be improved upon. Well, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves did that perfeclty, it improved on every single thing compared to the first game. Sure, it's not perfect, the shooting can be repetitive from time to time, you can jump to the wrong place or die unfairly once or twice. But it's not enough to hinder the experience the game presents.

    Uncharted 2 is basically that popcorn action movie that has the coolest explosions and scenarios, that every gun fight is over the top and the good guy has the luckiest life ever. It even creates amazing relationships, with amazing character that have interesting arcs and some really great voice over. What it was incredible at the time. The star of the show is, once again, Nathan Drake, treasure hunting while getting himself in trouble. But the best part are the side characters, there so intriguing and well acted. The sort of love triangle gives the game some amazing dialogue. I found that most of the jokes were nailed also, which is difficult in games.

    What made the first game is still here, a bunch of mindless shooting, exploration through climbing walls or solving puzzles inside temples. Seeing one of the most impressive graphics of that time, while solving a really surprisingly good story with some great payoffs. This game was a big reason for people to buy a PS3 at the time, and if you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and just have some popcorn fun.

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