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Definately one of the better Dragonball Z games.

It's not the greatest game in the world, but it IS great.
It's controls aren't 'clumsy', it does take a little getting used too but it shouldn't be long before your flying all over the battlefield, hurling explosives blasts of energy all over the place.

The meat of the game is the story mode and theres a lot to play through, spanning throughout Dragonball Z/GT and also the movies. With a whole host of characters to unlock. Though I doubt it's as much as advertised on the packaging '120', being that a lot of them are just various incarnations of the same character (Vegeta (scouter), Vegeta form 2, Majin Vegeta probably being the best example) but it doesn't change the fact that you have a lot to pick from.

Throughout gameplay you'll unlock characters, but some require the fusion of objects you'll find throughout play in order to unlock others. Some of the item combinations are obvious, others not so much. Though I'm sure if you look hard enough online you'll find the combinations, it's otherwise a case of trial and error, really. I'd have prefered to unlocked all the characters as I met them and usually consequently beat the snot out of them. The visuals are true to Dragonball Z style and look quite fantastic.
As a battle wages a character will get bruised, clothes torn and slightly bloodied up in areas. It's only a cosmetic touch, but it's a nice one that earlier games were missing.

The sound and music is tolerable. As are the voice overs.
I know some people will hate the english dub, but you can also pick the Japanese voice acting if your picky.

What else can I say? It's a great game. Throw in another human player and it just gets better.
Probably the best DBZ game yet, if that says much.

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