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Drawn to Death is a multiplayer only third person PvP arena shooter developed by David Jaffe's studio The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and SCE Studios San Diego for the PlayStation 4. It was released during April 2017 as part of the PlayStation Plus instant game collection.


The game is an arena shooter set in a high school teenager's notebook with the gameplay matching tonal and thematically with the juvenile tone of the high school child's illustrations. For example often the player's character will taunt and shout insults at other players during the match.

Each of the Deathmatch brawls can contain a maximum of 4 players with players selecting a particular character from a character selection in which each has their own behaviours, characteristics, buffs and special attacks (which operate of a cool down timer system). Although not a class based shooter all the combatants spawn into the game with a preselected selection of standard firearms and grenade with additional weapons pickups available within the game world.


Development started during early 2013 and announced during the PlayStation Experience 2014 opening keynote ceremony.


In 2014, David Jaffe, a senior member of the development team, released a video of one of the characters from Drawn to Death reading negative comments, mostly from this very site, about said game. at the end of the video, we all get greeted with a lovely response: "Thanks for the comments! #GoF***Yourself".

In 2017, Jaffe asked former president Barack Obama to "make Dan Ryckert not hate us?" in return, Jaffe offered the president a code for God of War DLC.


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