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    An upcoming Free-to-play, developed by Yager.

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    Dreadnought is a free-to-play game developed by Yager. Dreadnought is a class-based multi-player shooter, likened to a slow motion version of Team Fortress 2. Players are divided into two teams of five players each. Each player selects a ship, effectively his/her class, in which to pilot. There are currently five announced ship types. A team's ship selection will heavily influence the outcome of a match.

    The game heavily emphasizes energy management as a game mechanic. Players are able to divert ship energy to one of three modules; engines, weapons, or shields. Doing so will drain his/her ship's power. Power will regenerate over time. Diverting power to engines will increase the ship's maneuverability and speed. Weapons will increase fire rate and damage dealt. Powering shields will increase the amount of damage a ship's shield can take before failing.

    Due to the slower pace of Dreadnought, ship placement and teamwork are more emphasized then reaction times and twitch shooting. Victory will go to the team that can play to their ship’s strengths and minimize ship weaknesses.

    Dreadnought is set to be released in the early months of 2015.



    The titular Dreadnought is the hardiest of the announced ships. Dreadnoughts will likely fulfill the role of Tank for a team. It features weaponry that performs well at close to medium ranges. The Dreadnought is also the slowest ship in the game but it has a special warping ability to instantly move across the battlefield and join the action. This ability consumes energy and the player must wait for a cooldown before it can be used again. The Dreadnought should be used to close with the enemy and take enemy firepower. When supported by a Tactical Cruiser, the Dreadnought becomes very difficult to destroy.


    The Destroyer is a combat ship that can perform a variety of roles for a team. It is armed with medium ranged chain cannons and has a moderate damage output. The Destroyer also has a special ability called the Plasma Ram. Engaging the Plasma Ram will speed up the Destroyer and cause a great deal of damage to any ship it comes in contact with. Destroyers lack specialization, which makes them proficient in many combat roles but excellent at none.


    Corvettes are the fastest and most agile ships available. They perform the role of forward reconnaissance and hit-and-run attacks. Corvettes utilize repeating cannons for medium range damage and a slow moving torpedo for high damage at close range. The Corvette has a cloak ability that turns the ship invisible for a limited time. The cloak will break if weapons or other abilities are used. Communication and effective use of cloaking will be essential in piloting the Corvette.

    Artillery Cruiser

    The role of long range damage dealer rests on the hull of the Artillery Crusier. A ship designed around a single weapon, the Heavy Tesla Cannon. The Artillery Cruiser is designed to sit behind friendly ships and pour forth a barrage of heavy firepower. Artillery Cruisers are not particularly fast or mobile, so distance is of great importance. Keeping space between the Artillery Cruiser and its target will help ensure victory. Artillery Cruisers also have the ability to enter a Rapid Fire Mode. This directs all energy to the main cannon but saps power from the engines, turning the Artillery Cruiser into an immobile turret with a greatly increased fire rate.

    Tactical Cruiser

    The primary support ship in the game, the Tactical Cruiser is a necessary addition to any fleet. It is armed with a pair of beam turrets, capable of both repairing allies and damaging enemies. The beam turrets deal very limited damage to foes, so it is more effective to focus on repairing friendly ships. This ship can also redirect all power to its beams, greatly increasing repair speed for a limited time. Using this ability will make the Tactical Cruiser vulnerable and should be used cautiously. Tactical Cruisers are very weak on their own, and should always stay close to allied ships. Due to their ability to repair friendly ships, they are a likely target for enemy vessels.


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