Drew and Cloth Map

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So it looks like Drew is going to be a globe trotting adventurer and sharing his discoveries on how games are played all over the world. This is very cool.


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Cloth Map is a good fucking name for a gaming focused travel show.

I'm in.

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Seems to be exactly what fits Drew. Glad it's still game related instead of being a pure travel programme

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It's a really awesome idea that blends two of my favorite things. I'm so excited to see what he cooks up.

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Great name. A great fit for Drew. Also, for me as games and travel also define who I am. I love it. Absolutely am supporting him on his adventures.

Wish him the absolute best! Oh, did I say already how awesome Cloth Map is for a name?!

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They should feature his documentary on Giant Bomb. Kinda sad that it's not actually just a GB production. Both the site and CBS would have benefited from something like this

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I can't help thinking about that Quick Look that Jeff and Ryan did about that time-traveling FPS. I think it was based on Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder but I forget the title.

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I didn't see this posted, so apologies if it was, but Drew posted his first VLOG on the youtubes:

Loading Video...

It's pretty good and enjoyable as he takes you through some of his setup process. As you would expect, he somehow constructs IKEA products perfectly and without the process everyone else goes through, which is 1) building part of it upside down and having to take it apart and re-do it, 2) throwing parts of it across the room and walking away pissed, 3) leaving it half-built for several hours minimum, 4) having some of it just not fit together at all, 5) shedding tears out of futility/frustration, 6) seemingly completing the construction minutes prior to full exhaustion, and 7) staring at the left-over pieces wondering where in the fuck they were supposed to go.

Then, because Drew has hours of post-IKEA bonus time, he builds something else for fun, which turns out to be some sweet-ass metallic SR-71 Blackbird. Again, it's methodically and flawlessly built to the point of looking easy, because of course it was. Anyway, I found this video charming, and it's cool to see Drew doing his own thing. I was kinda curious what this was going to be or what it would be like without him riffing off the GB crew, but I'm pleasantly surprised as to how entertaining it is to see Drew doing Drew-ass things, and now I'll be watching this project with some real interest.

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"I would love to actually turn this into a functional office. Like with a desk or something." - Drew Scanlon, Founder of Cloth Map

That needs to be the Patreon pitch for Cloth Map.

Drew always seemed like a super private guy when he was at GB, so I'd never seen any of his life outside of that, but I have to say his room looks exactly like you would envision it. Although I am a bit surprised he settled for handwritten labels on those plastic totes and not, say, those metal bracket label things.

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