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    Dual Heroes

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 05, 1997

    A tokusatsu-inspired sci-fi fighting game for the Nintendo 64, featuring a mode where players can train their own AI opponent to fight like them.

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    Dual Heroes is a 3D sci-fi fighting game developed by Produce and published by Hudson (and Electro-Brain in North America) for the Nintendo 64 in Japan (on December 5, 1997), Europe (on April 12, 1998), and North America (on October 31, 1998).

    Inspired by superhero tokusatsu series such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, the game is set in an unknown post-apocalyptic future where nations in a newly-formed continent went to war over a mysterious new mineral (known as "Gaiathyst") that can only be mined in special power suits. When the Zodgierra Empire (lead by Emperor Zorr) invades from outer space, it's up to heroes in power suits to stop Zorr's forces.

    Along with standard Story and Versus mode, the game features a "Robot" mode, which allows players to train their own AI opponent to match their fighting style (based on numerous criteria, such as the combos performed and maneuverability) and use in Versus matches. Also unique is the Vs. CPU mode, which allows players to pick from numerous opponents (each with unique character choices and fighting styles) in a "virtual arcade".


    Similar to the Virtua Fighter series, the game features four buttons: Punch, Kick, Guard, and 3D-Move (for side-stepping, dodging, and other maneuvers). Pressing both Punch and Guard buttons performs a throw attempt.

    One unique feature of this game is the "Lethal Change Mode", which is done by tapping Guard twice, then holding down Guard a third time until the transformation is complete. When transformed, the player's character temporarily gains new abilities and a special effect (such as increased block damage and faster attack speed). Players can only activate this mode once per match.

    Each of the nine square arenas differ both in size and whether or not walls are in play (and whether or not they are electrified).


    • Gai ("Fire Hero")
    • Gun ("Military Soldier")
    • Hana ("Cutie Chaser")
    • Hoe ("Dragon Kung-Fu")
    • Juie ("Bionic Beast")
    • Retsu ("Super Ninja")
    • Kumo ("Dancing Lady")
    • Zen ("Dirty Fighter")
    • Gyn ("Killer Sergeant", sub-boss, unlockable by completing the game on Normal difficulty with Rounds set to 2)
    • Ray ("Evil Fascinator", sub-boss, unlockable by completing the game with Hana on Hard difficulty and with Rounds set to 2)
    • Zorr ("Brutal Tyrant", sub-boss, unlockable by completing the game with Juie on Hard difficulty and Rounds set to 2)
    • Gezorr ("Ultimate Malice", final boss, unlockable by completing the game on Expert difficulty with Rounds set to 3 and without losing)

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