I must be missing something (treasure)

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So just beat the game and I have 100% on map discovery and treasure found on each of the locations on the world map but I still have 4 keys (I guess for chests or one more character for the house) but I have no clue why I have these keys. Anyone else have this situation?

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nope , there isnt anything else , you just have excess keys , if each world has 100 100 then it really is 100 100 i know cuz i have searched every nook and cranny for one and found nothing

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Do you have 12 characters in your house? Did you get the "Baker's Dozen" achievement? If so, you have all of them. 100% means you have everything, you just have excess keys.

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Maybe you didn't complete all side quests, they can open new locations on the world map.

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