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    Egg, Inc.

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 14, 2016

    An idle clicker game for mobile platforms.

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    Egg, Inc. is a mobile clicker game where player takes over a role of a chicken egg farmer, making profit from selling eggs, investing money into research to reach even higher profits and discover new types of eggs. As the farm value increases, new types of eggs are discovered (from the base type of "Edible" to "Superfood", "Rocket Fuel" and beyond) and available to produce. Each egg has a bigger base value, which allows for faster progression through the research tree - it is required to sell the current farm in order to upgrade the produced egg to a new type.

    The game is free to play, several kind of micro transactions are available: "A Pro Permit" permanently increases the number of silos player can build at each farm, which extends the time the production continues even when the game is closed. "Big Crate", "Pallet" and "Truckload" of Golden Eggs, which is the premium currency, can also be bought, giving player a set amount of these eggs, which can be spent on permanent upgrades (called "Epic Research", which include reducing cost of buildings, increasing the rate of how many chickens are hatched per minute etc.) There is one unique item on the micro transaction offer: a "Piggy Bank", which is filled over time by the player: whenever an upgrade or research step is bought, one golden egg is deposited into it. It can be opened repeatedly with a real money purchase.

    Player can also choose to "Prestige" at any time, giving up everything but the permanent upgrades and starting at the very first egg farm, but gaining a permanent multiplier based upon how much money was earned in the previous game. This number is represented by so called "Soul Eggs" and the gain from each egg can be increased by the mentioned Epic Upgrades as well (requiring the premium currency).

    There are missions to complete (for example to get a certain number of egg producing chickens on a specific farm) and in the later game, when all missions are completed, a Trophy system opens up, offering greater rewards like premium currency and multiplier increasing Soul Eggs.


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