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    Eliot G. Ballade

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    Main Character of Blue Stinger Alongside Captain of the S.S Diana Dogs Bower. Eliot is a High Ranking ESER member and friend of Tim.

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    Eliot is a member of the Especial Sea Rescue(ESER) organization, who was enjoying a Fishing Vacation with his friend Tim by Dinosaur Island, when a Meteor crashed onto the island killing Tim and stranding Eliot on the Island. He Meets Dogs Bower and Janine King and starts figuring out what's happening on the island, all the while having mysterious visions. He is also followed by a Fairy-like character called Nephilim later in the game revealed as the main Villain.


    Eliot can equip the Handgun, Shotgun, Acid Gun, Napalm Launcher, Laser Gun, Plasma Gun, Bazooka, Ray Gun, Metal Bat, Emergency Axe, Stun Rod, Iron Fist, Ray Sword and Power Mixer weapons. Whereas most of Dogs' equipment consists of melee weaponry, Eliot's arsenal consists mostly of ranged weaponry to deal with foes.


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