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Enchanted Scepters is a graphical adventure game first released in 1984 by Silicon Beach Software, and was one of the first games created for the Apple Macintosh platform. It is also one of, if not the first game to ever use a point-and-click interface as a control scheme. Originally created using an early pre-release build of the World Builder authoring system designed by William C. Appleton, the gameplay shared many similarities to older text-based adventures. All of the graphical pictures displayed were entirely static, and each included a written description. The description would list available items for interaction, but to do so required actually clicking on the appropriate image, rather than writing text parser commands. Thus, it is the first example of a point-and-click interface within video gaming, despite the fact that the game does not use a mouse.
Although the pictures did not move, the advanced (for the time) scripting system allowed for enemies to be inserted at particular points, accompanied by some situation-appropriate sound effects. The player would then be given the option of whether to retreat in a certain direction, or to engage in combat with a particular weapon. Numerous encounters could play out in this style, allowing for a more open-ended and dynamic form of gameplay.


During Enchanted Scepters, the player assumes the role of Saber, an apprentice to the Grand Wizard Elron. Saber lives within the Kingdom of Callion, which is currently under attack by the dark forces of the Hurks. Elron claims to be able to repel the invaders by performing an extremely powerful spell. However, he says that he will only be able to perform the spell when he recovers the four enchanted sceptres of the Classical Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These sceptres were originally lost decades ago during the Great Wars.
Elron believes that only his apprentice, Saber, can successfully retreive the sceptres and save Callion. The majority of the game comprises of navigating through a series of logic puzzles in order to locate each of these sceptres. Successfully reuniting all four sceptres and returning them to Elron will dispell the army of Hurks and successfully complete the game.

System Requirements

RAM: 128k or 512k Physical Memory
1 Disk Drive (3.5 inch floppy disk)

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