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    Enforced Boundary

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    A creative way to prevent the player from accessing a certain area, or from leaving the map by swimming or running too far.

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    • Crysis - If the player swims too far out the ocean, a giant shark will come and eat them. If the player attempts to escape the island in a boat, it will be fired upon and destroyed by the North Korean Navy.
    • Far Cry - The player will get killed by a helicopter if they travel too far off the map.
    • Half Life 2 - If the player travels too far out the ocean, they will get eaten by a school of leeches.
    • Jak and Daxter - If the player swims too far a giant orange fish approaches leaving the player with few seconds to flee before being devoured.
    • Jak II - If the player swims too far an armed underwater robot emerges and after a few seconds opens fire.
    • Halo 3 - The " Snowbound" multiplayer level features a side that is open to a vast arctic tundra. If the player attempts to leave the map through this side, energy turrets activate and gun them down. Similarly, the " Sandtrap" map takes place in a desert, with the playable area surrounded by land mines that will detonate and then respawn if the player attempts to leave the map. In both cases, these measures are mostly cosmetic, as the map area is also contained by invisible walls.
    • Prototype 2 - If the player attempts to enter the completely destroyed portions of the Red Zone, they will be fired upon and killed instantly by an artillery strike, which is also capable of destroying all vehicles in a single shot.

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