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The Cat Lady is a 2012 survival-horror adventure game developed by Harvester Games and published by Screen 7. The game is exclusive to the PC and can be purchased from its official website, Steam, Desura, and The game features high resolution artwork, English voice-acting, and an original soundtrack.


The Cat Lady is the story of Susan Ashworth, and begins on the evening where she tries to commit suicide. She finds that death isn't quite as final as she imagined, however, and meets an old woman who refers to herself as the Queen of Maggots who bestows immortality on her. Susan's task is to fight to live.


The Cat Lady soundtrack by MicAmic is composed of twenty-three standard tracks and two bonus tracks.

Front Cover
Front Cover
Back Cover
Back Cover
1 - Don't Follow the Light3:27
2 - Tarnov's Butcher4:51
3 - Plainwalker1:44
4 - Low Power2:12
5 - Lily Of the Valley4:07
6 - Psycho4:31
7 - I Have a Mouth But I Can't Scream2:07
8 - String1:47
9 - Sometimes3:25
10 - One Foot On the Other Side1:36
11 - Decimal Crouch1:53
12 - Two Stone Rings2:47
13 - We're All Dead Inside4:27
14 - Tainted Scratch2:51
15 - False Santa2:28
16 - Ultra Filtered3:03
17 - The Storm Has Come1:55
18 - Dark Tunnels4:08
19 - Early Winter2:40
20 - Edge5:20
21 - Soundtrack To an Empty Life2:30
22 - Fast Drive3:25
23 - Storytelling3:20
24 - Dronoa (Bonus Track)1:58
25 - Waves Of Dupenschtortz (Bonus Track)2:26

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: XP, Vista, 7
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

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