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Eric is a personal friend of Mega 64 and has appeared on various episodes and skits. He has appeared on their podcast numerous times and is a moderator on forums for Mega 64. He frequently shows up in the personal videos of many of the Mega 64 crew and maintains his own Youtube channel. Eric achieved a much higher level of (unwanted) fame in the Mega 64 community when Rocco posted a video on his channel called "WHAT A JOKER" in which he and some friends make fun of him in public for not liking sushi in an over the top fashion. Eric talked about the incident on the podcast saying he was getting a lot of comments on his videos just saying "you don't like sushi!" and tried to argue with the crew that he did in fact like sushi. In the game Super Scribblenaut's Eric's character does not like sushi. For the mega 64 Christmas food challenge in 2010 Eric appeared on the podcast and ate large amounts of sushi. Eric works a full time job and is not an official member of Mega 64, he cites his favorite game series as street fighter and is a big fighting game fan in general.

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