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Returning from the adventure of the first game, Leo and his assistant Zuccho continue to explore the mysteries of the ocean. After being caught in a freak storm Leo awakens on the beach on a remote Caribbean island. With his ship wrecked and his gear destroyed he has to join up with a group of kids calling themselves the Amigos and take on odd jobs to get enough money together to build a new ship. As he takes on jobs, however, he learns about a magic treasure hidden in the local ocean and of the brutal Seadross diving company who are also searching for it.


The vast majority of Everblue 2 is spent diving underwater. In open water Leo will stay next to the ocean floor, but inside dive sites he can swim in all directions. Sharks and poisonous fish are a threat to Leo's life, but most of the time the biggest threats to Leo's life are the limited air in his air-tanks and his strength, which depletes when picking up items.

Leo can pick up any item that can fit in his mesh bag (which can eventually be upgraded to fit even a car inside) and then sell them back in town or give them to islanders who collect specific items. Leo also has a camera and can save photos of fish in a photo album. In addition to following the plot Leo can complete requests for residents or complete challenges to receive titles. After the end of the game more challenges open up so that Leo can prove that he is the best diver in the world.


Valencia Island

The only inhabited location in the area, Valencia has a small dock, a marketplace, auction house, and a population of around 100 people. As Leo builds his fortunes and finds supplies in the ocean he can build an Aquarium, Music Studio, and a house/hotel on the island. A colorful coral reef is in the nearby waters.

Open Water

Leo can swim in any direction around the islands, and all dive sites have to be located first by swimming there. Smaller, less important locations can be found here, and items can be randomly found using the sonar. Sharks show up in deeper water, and more secure depth suits are needed to survive the deep areas.


A modern sunken ferry located near Valencia Island, Leo had to find this location to complete the Amigo's challenge. The ferry has two levels and a car garage. The only dangerous fish inside are a single lionfish.


A crashed plane, Leo is sent here to locate a package from a woman whose father had been on the plane. The plane has two levels and a cargo hold. Several electric eels have made their homes throughout the plane.

The Ballena

The Ballena is a sunken luxury liner based on the Titanic. The first time Leo visits the site he does not have gear that allows him to swim through currents or dive deep enough to reach the bottom levels. The ship has five levels complete with cabin rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and staff hallways, and a pool. Two sharks have also settled into the aforementioned pool.

The Edmund

The Edmund is a sunken pirate galley. It is located in a part of the sea so deep and dark that Leo must find special equipment just to survive long enough to find it. It is filled with treasure, including being the resting place of the magical treasure both Leo and Seadross have been searching for.


A high-tech submarine that Seadross had been using to explore the sea, it was destroyed by an uncontrollable current summoned by the magic artifact. Leo must explore the submarine to locate the artifact.


An ancient ruin similar to Atlantis. The stone corridors form a maze, and sharks prowl through the deeper levels. Leo can find many out of place artifacts here, and must return the magic artifact here to restore the seas to normal.


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