Fable II

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Oct 21, 2008

    An action-oriented role-playing game set 500 years after the original Fable, this sequel starts players out in the role of a street urchin destined for greatness.

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    Fable 2 review


    When I bought Fable II it cost me thirty bones I chose it over Fallout 3 which was still at sixty bones even though the games came out only eleven day apart. I don’t understand it’s low price.

    Fable II has a long story 7-11 hours depending on how you play the game and which quest you do. A lot of people have been ripping on the combat feature. It is a basic control scheme Y to shoot range weapon X to use melee weapon. I found it nice how that game has simple combat it made it fluid and simple to master.

    Another feature I loved about Fable was how many hours you can play raising a family, becoming a estate tycoon or mongrel depending your rent pricing, or just causing chaos with out doing a single quest. The mapping is not huge but it is not small it heals like the perfect size for this RPG.

    Some downers about Fable were it’s lack of replay value. After you complete the main story your pretty much just running around killing people because at this point you’re the strongest person in . You might play the game twice though maybe three for the achievements which are challenging yet obtainable through out the game.         

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