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Legion Of Flaws

Fallen Legion is an action RPG created by Independent Development team YummyYummyTummy who is mostly known for creating educational games for kids.

At first glance the game looked rather interesting being a fan of Role Playing Games otherwise known as RPGs, I was highly looking forward to sitting down and spending some good quality time with the game.

Unfortunately though it didn't take me long to loose interest in this title. The gameplay though fun and not very difficult to grasp and get used to can feel somewhat repetitive as you venture through endless side scrolling dungeons and areas fighting what feels like the same foes over and over again, which as you can guess got boring really rather quickly.

​The game does have its fun and interesting features however such as being able to call upon fallen comrades who can then be placed in your team as you see fit and used in battle, each comrade having their own unique abilities which can of course be useful depending on the situation.

You are also guided through the game via a talking book who reminded me a lot of another character from a different game which we enjoyed, and thus though minor, contributed to making the game somewhat enjoyable.

I must also mention that the game also has random sudden difficulty spikes, we often found ourselves going from easily causing havok and destruction to all those that opposed us to then suddenly out of the blue hitting a brick wall and being obliterated within mere seconds.

I do have to give credit for the games soundtrack however with each track beautifully put together all of which seemed very enjoyable and pleasing to the ear, from peaceful tranquil themes to hip hop and lively beats that we often found ourselves unexpectedly dancing to occasionally.


The game is not that bad it is only let down by the repetativeness and dificulty spikes, if those where improved on a bit more we may have enjoyed the title much more but sadly this is not the case and thus it makes for an average game at best.


+ Reminded us of other features and elements from other games

+ Combat is easy to understand with it mainly being a simple tap of a button

+ Soundtrack is really well done and enjoyable


+ Felt too repetative

+ Sudden difficulty spikes often feeling like a nightmare to get through

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