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Not the dlc packs fault

First of all the dlc is not at fault for me not enjoying this. When playing through the dlc some parts of the game become too dark. As i have seen the quick looks and compared the light quality, there was something wrong. The dlc starts well with you enquiring the mansion, this is set on a island called point lookout. In order to get there you have to take a boat there. 

After you investigate the mansion and find out this tribe had been attacking the place, you had to somehow gain there trust in order to join the tribe to find out further information. At his point where you had to go to the mother punga plant it went down hill for, it was pitch black and became very annoying. Grinding my way through and trying at this point to quickly finish the dlc. 

The begining and the end of the dlc was actaully fun, shame about the middle. I would still recommned and get this dlc and hope nobody goes through what i experienced.

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