Zynga CEO wants workers to give back stock

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Nah son, they gonna keep it.

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@msavo said:

Nah son, they gonna keep it.

I hope so for them, that would be a dick move.

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He can afford to pay his new staff a bonus out of his own pocket. He is already rich and when it floats he will be very very rich. Now he can say, "sorry loyal employees, I want to reward you all but these greedy dicks will not give their stocks back".

If Zynga had instead tanked, would be be ringing up old staff and offering to buy back their worthless shares at a premium?

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Of course they will keep it! There is no law that would ever make them give it up. This is happening because the Zynga CEO wants his IPO shift to go smoothly. It's never gonna happen unless he makes a deal they can't refuse, but he can't because Zynga stock is worth more than gold right now.

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