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Mass Effect: Redemption

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We first meet Feron in the Mass Effect spin-off comicbook Mass Effect: Redemption. After Commander Shepard's death, Liara T'Soni has hired Feron to help her find Commander Shepard's remains. After being ambushed by the Blue Suns gang, and promptly saved by Cerberus members, including Miranda Lawson, it is revealed that Feron is himself also an agent of the Shadow Broker, and that the Blue Suns were sent by the Shadow Broker to stop Liara. However, once Miranda reveals that the Shadow Broker intends on selling Shepard's body to the Collectors, Feron pledges to help Liara because he refuses to help the Collectors.
After some initially suspicious mistakes, Feron finally proves his worth to Liara by using his status as a Shadow Broker agent to gain access into one of the Shadow Broker's bases where Shepard's body had been taken. In a final act of loyalty, he stays behind causing a distraction allowing Liara to escape with the remains. Liara is left not knowing if Feron died in sacrifice, or was captured by the Shadow Broker for his betrayal.

Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard is given a tip by Cerberus intel as to the location of the Shadow Broker, and that Feron is possibly still alive. Upon passing this information onto Liara, they set off to find and rescue Feron from the Shadow Broker's clutches. They eventually find Feron incarcerated in an electrified chair attached to various medical and torture equipment. After his rescue, Feron chooses to remain behind with Liara, forever indebted to her for her help and friendship.

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