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The first FF game I have ever played and still the best! 0

 When I first saw the game it was at a friends house. I said how can you stand to play that it looks so boring, run a bit fight run some more fight again. Then I got the PS2  and borrowed FF-X and within the first ten minutes into the game I was hooked played it strait except for maybe one or two hr of sleep :), until I beat the game. I still play the game today and recommend it to everyone. I am now a FF fan and play all there games!...

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Final Fantasy X is one of the greatest PS2 RPGs of all time. 0

NOTE: This crappy old review was written back in January 2007. In my opinion, Final Fantasy X is one of the best games the PS2 has had. Not only does this game have a lengthy story, it also has great graphics and voice acting plus a really good soundtrack. The story is quite interesting and it will take you about 50 to 70 hours to finish it depending on how much time you spend doing side missions and levelling up. The game features Conditional Turn-Based Battle witch is different from what we're...

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Utterly unforgettable. 1

It is agonizingly difficult for me to review a game such as this. Final Fantasy X simply defies easy summary, analysis, and categorization. Actually, scratch that: it nullifies the dictionary and invalidates the thesaurus. Honestly, a game like this needs to be experienced, no matter your stance on Square, turn based combat, or even role playing games in general. You can stop right there if you so desire, since chances are, I won't be able to convince you any further over the length of this self...

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This game has left a permanent mark. 0

Final fantasy rarely disappoint and this tradition continues.Story - You start in the future, where a blitzball player called tidus is focused on, going to play in a tournament which eventually changes his life. Tidus is taken through time to a land called spira, here he embarks on a journey making friends along the way battling enemies and evil which threatens spira. Will he make back to his own world and rid the world of evil. What can i say simply awesome.Graphics - this game uses all the pow...

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Final Fantasy X is one of the best RPGs of all-time. 0

Final Fantasy X came out back on December 20, 2001. It was the first Final Fantasy to come out on the PS2 and caught the video game world by storm. With advanced 3D character models and voice acting, it was one of the most amazing role-playing games of its time and still is.The combat in FFX takes a step away from the traditional Active Time Battle system that the series is known for in favor of the Conditional Time Battle system. In my opinion, I think it is better. Instead of a meter filling u...

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Final Fantasy X is a shining jewel in the long-running series. 0

Final Fantasy is, without a doubt, the most prestigious series in gaming. So, it’s no big surprise that Final Fantasy X was the most anticipated title worldwide when announced. The PS2 had its share of Japanese turn-based RPGs, but it came into its own with the release of FFX. With all of the hype surrounding it, could FFX possibly deliver an engaging, beautiful, and fun RPG? It should come as no surprise to anyone that it did. FFX is the pinnacle of the Final Fantasy franchise, and can stand ta...

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Long Live the Fantasy that is Final Fantasy X 0

The previous releases in the long running Final Fantasy Series were successful, but the series was brought to an all new level with the worldwide success of Final Fantasy VII. Since then, few games that have been released in the series have been able to live up to the standards set forth by number seven. Final Fantasy X may not be the greatest game ever created, but it proudly and rightfully wears the tag of a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy has built it’s legacy not just on the gameplay, but...

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A Marvel in RPG History 2

Final Fantasy X is the tenth instalment of Square's highly regarded RPG series and it was the first to be released on the Playstation 2. As with every new game of the franchise, FFX features a completely new setting, story and cast of characters. Main protagonist of the game is Tidus, star player of the blitzball team Zanarkand Apes, who sees his world destroyed by a giant tidal wave that seems to swallow the whole city of Zanarkand. Trying to escape, he teams up with his mentor Auron, who has ...

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The Pinnacle of JRPG Storytelling and Gameplay 0

  I’ll not mince words; Final Fantasy X is my favorite video game.   I remember my jaw hitting the floor the first time I saw a commercial for it in 2001.  Final Fantasy X was the reason I finally bought a Playstation 2 in 2005, and even after four years of anticipation it did not disappoint.  You play as Tidus (pronounced Tee-duss, from the Japanese “Tiida,” meaning “sun”), a glitzy celebrity athlete à la David Beckham.  Instead of soccer, though, Tidus’s sport is Blitzball, which is lik...

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An obsession with death. 0

On a collapsed piece of highway, he and the structure are now, almost selectively, being pulled upward toward the beast's monstrous orifice. It's colossal presence stirs the futuristic city into debris, the golden haired athlete within its grasp, who just moments before was being cheered by a stadium of thousands. Now, the grip of an old mentor is all that keeps Tidus from floating into the abyss. Holding the hotshot by the scruff of his collar, suspended, flailing, and screaming, the grizzled...

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Great "Next Gen" Debut for a Long Running Series 0

A combination of likable characters, surprising plot twists, fantastic music, and a consistant bitter-sweat tone made Final Fantasy X a completely satisfying (Final Fantasy) game experience.  Far superior to the previous "next generation" debut title, Final Fantasy 7. I felt consistent empathy and compassion for the main characters, something I had missed since Final Fantasy 6. The narrative is hurt by weak voice acting (understandable considering this is the first fully voiced Final Fantasy) w...

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A Must Play For ALL PS2 Owners! 0

Final Fantasy X is Squaresoft’s first installment in the long running Final Fantasy series to grace the Playstation 2 generation. With the change to a new generation, Final Fantasy X deviates from the traditional Final Fantasy formula, changing it in a number of ways. For instance, you play as young Tidus, a star athlete in Final Fantasy’s underwater soccer/basketball sport Blitz Ball. However, unlike in previous Final Fantasies where the main character was silent and only communicated through s...

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A milestone for the genre. 0

For a long time I was nervous to write this review of possibly my favorite game of all time. One reason for this was I felt like I wouldn't be able to do this game justice in being able able to project to you (the readers) just how great this game is. There is so many things that went right with Final Fantasy X. So let's start off with the game play.Gameplay: The gameplay in Final Fantasy X is very different from what became "standard" in Final Fantasy with the release of Final Fantasy IV. This ...

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Delightful storytelling coupled with a thoughtful battle system. 1

            Have you ever wanted to play a role-playing game that was so linear it was almost free of hang-ups all together, but still managed to support an entertaining balance of cutscenes and gameplay?  If so, you’ll applaud Final Fantasy X for doing what it does, which is simply cutting loose a bunch of dead weight that usually appears in games of its type as convoluted and ultimately boring fetch quests that draw away from the narrative.  Because of this choice, the game lacks some difficul...

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Amazing 0

Story: Deep story that brings you from past to future filled with love, hate, courage and any other emotion you can think of.Graphics: Great cutscenes but the gameplay graphics really rock considering this is a ps2 game. The characters are really detailed and all have completly different styles.Gameplay: Classic FF gameplay, like it or hate it, I personnally liked it at first but am starting to find it repetive although the stratgey changes depending on who your fighting and bring this game to a...

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Almost converted me to Full-on-RPG's 0

I will admit that I have only played 3 of the Final Fantasy games. 7, 8, and 10.I will also admit that I am a hardcore shooter fan first, and a guitar-freak second.RPG's never quite fit in. And I don't mean the "technical" RPG's, I mean the ones like FF(X), Legends of Dragoon, World of Warcraft, and many more.I just never had time to play for hours on end. But Final Fantasy X almost converted me.I played through the whole game loving every minute of it. Even though I could never figure out how t...

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Review - Final Fantasy X 0

My first encounter with Final Fantasy X was when I picked up a copy of GamesMaster magazine and saw their review for it. Of course, I fell in love with the game, but my problem was that I didn’t have a PlayStation 2, and my parents certainly couldn’t afford one. I was in luck though - my friend Steph got it when it came out, and I was stopping over at hers for the weekend when she first played it. I was blown away! The graphics, the characters, the story, it was all so much more than I expected....

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Most beautiful game ever. 0

STORYFinal Fantasy X starts off in a futuristic metropolis where Tidus a star Blitzball player is signing autographs and preparing for a Blitzball game(Blitzball is a very popular sport on their world) and all of a sudden their city of Zanarkand is attacked by a giant creature named Sin that releases smaller creatures called Sin Spawn and they start attacking people. Tidus bumps into Auron,a friend of his father who Tidus has not seen in years(you learn Tidus's father disappeared when he went on...

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wow 0

  Final Fantasy X is a great looking  game.I mean i only played the PS2 version and the grahpics were some moments arent very good looking most of them look amazing ,it seems like playing some weird crossover of a PS2 and a PS3 game when it comes to graphics.The storyline,like in all Final Fantasy games,makes absolutely no sense but its interesting.The gameplay hasnt changed much but squaresoft shamelessly wrote on the back:new fighting system.And it was just the same old fight...

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The Best Final Fantasy of the Playstation Era 0

Originally posted on my blogA lot of firsts hit when Final Fantasy X landed on US shores. It was the first Final Fantasy on the PS2, first Final Fantasy without a world map to traverse, and, most importantly, the first voice-acted Final Fantasy game. I don’t think anyone’s gonna argue with me that the voice they chose for Tidus does kind of wear on you a little bit. Some of the acting is a little wooden too (See the “laughing” scene…that one hurts to this day. Also see “I hate you” at the end. T...

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Final Fantasy X was painfully linear. 2

Ok ok. While this is the first time I played through Final Fantasy X, this isn't the first time I experienced it though. I remember day one when this game came out and watched a friend play through it for about 10 hours. I was completely wowed by the graphics, as it was the first PS2 game I've actually seen in motion, but I was disgusted by the lame main characters. I could never get over it, so I never had the urge to play this game. Now that I'm starting to scrap at the bottom of the PS2 RPG b...

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A Landmark. With Small Warts. 0

I originally saw FFX back when it came out in 2001. I never played through it completely myself, rather, I had just seen a friend play through good portions of it. Having finally played it cover to cover myself, I understand now what an achievement it was for its time, and what the couple of gripes were.FFX is an absolute pillar of modern RPG graphics and presentation. When it came out, there hadn't been anything like this on consoles. The character models, environments, cutscenes, and CGI were ...

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Many good aspects watered down with excessive cutscenes. 0

Modern day Square seems to have lost their ability to make good RPGs, as of late. Final Fantasy XII was a pretentious, narcissist game that was in love with itself to the point where it did not want any gameplay mucking up its story. Final Fantasy XIII does not seem to be making matters better, as it is so egomaniacal that it is already having a few sequels developed, even though it has yet to be finished, let alone released. Chrono Trigger DS is bound to be nothing more than a very lazy port of...

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Wow. Just Wow. 3

With the high praise of this title, I was excited to pick it up. 6 hours into it, I'm completely stunned. The protagonist is about the lamest character I've seen in a game to date. He's annoying, and likes to make weird grunt sounds instead of actually talking. The story is complete drivel, and Yuna is... I don't know. She sucks, thats about all I can sum things up with.This game was clearly made to be some sort of 11 year old wet dream. I'm dumbfounded though that this game is ranked as one of ...

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