Deep Listens: Final Fantasy by the Dozen: Part Three *Featuring Rorie

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This frickin' guy
This frickin' guy

Deep Listens is a gaming podcast series I'm recording with a few of my friends. Every two weeks we pick and play a new game and then discuss it from a literary, philosophical, and game design perspective. Its kind of like a book club for video games. We try to dig as deep as we can on an individual game every episode so check it out!

In this episode Gino, Chris "@zombiepie" -REDACTED-, and special guest Matt "@rorie" Rorie discuss Final Fantasy XII from the Ozmone Plains to Sochen Cave. We start out by answering a listener email on the larger aimlessness of the FF franchise. We then dive into the story's escalating stakes and how it blends compelling motivations with FF nonsense. We finish up by discussing the game's large difficulty spike around its midpoint.

Final Fantasy by the Dozen: Part 3

Final Fantasy by the Dozen: Part 2

Final Fantasy by the Dozen: Part 1


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