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    Forty is Eulogy's right hand man and is one of the many slavers at Paradise Falls.

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    Forty is the second-in-command to the head slaver of Eulogy Jones in the chain of command at Paradise Falls. Forty receives his nickname from being known to killing a total amount of 40 men in his lifetime, but has killed many more people, which are primarily slaves. The reason he doesn't mark the slaves he has killed on his kill count is because he considers slaughtering of them more of a "sport" than actual killing.

    Related Quests

    • Rescue from Paradise

    Involvement in Quests

    In the quest Rescue from Paradise, Squirrel tells you to find some way to distract Forty so the group of slave children can make a break for it. The player has several options when it comes to dealing with Forty.

    • If the player can pass a speech check, the player can convince Forty that he is not being paid enough which leads to go see Forty about having a rise in payment
    • The player can also either persuade or pay Eulogy Jones's prostitute Crimson to go and seduce Forty.
    • The player can easily convince Forty without a speech check to go take a break, which he happily does.
    • The player can use the mesmetron to make the rest of the slavers in the encampment turn hostile towards Forty, but you the player will stay Neutral and will not be harmed by the other slavers attempting to kill Forty.
    • The player can kill Forty but the whole camp would turn hostile.


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