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I realize this is likely out of your control and the decision to switch CDN was likely made by higher-ups at CBSi but I wanted to let you know that I have found video download speeds to be significantly worse since the CDN switch from Akamai to Fastly around the beginning of November.

With your previous CDN, Akamai, video downloads would frequently max out my 100 Mbit connection. Since the switch to Fastly I have been getting only about 1/3 of my previous speeds. Instead of videos downloading at 10-12 MB/s, I am now maxing out at around 4 MB/s. In other words, videos now take approximately 3x longer to download. For shorter videos this is not a big deal, but for longer videos, such as Premium series that can have 1 1/2 hour+ episodes with 6 GB+ file size it can be the difference between waiting 10 minutes for the video to download and waiting 30 minutes or more.

Fastly does not appear to have their own public speedtest on their website, but testing them via CloudHarmony I get the same results as when downloading from Giantbomb. So it is not just an issue with your content but an issue I am seeing with Fastly's CDN speeds generally.

Fastly CDN speeds can be tested at the following link (note the test will start automatically):

I don't know if this is a broader issue with Fastly or more specific to my ISP's link(s) to Fastly. Maybe others can chime in with the speeds they now seeing downloading videos.