Downloads failing for very large videos (GOTY discussions)

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Every time I've tried to download one of the big GOTY discussion videos the download starts failing repeatedly around the halfway mark. I can retry and occasionally the retry gets a little further but it's impossible to finish downloading them. I think this might be because I'm downloading the highest quality versions, which are in the 15-20 gigabyte range. I have plenty of storage space and can download other videos on the site just fine (including some of the other large new content that's gone up recently, like the mario party).

I was unable to finish either vf_GOTY2018_DAY03_8000.mp4 or vf_GOTY2018_DAY04_8000.mp4. Sadly I didn't get any error messages, the download just showed up as 'failed' in firefox and would fail again eventually once I retried.

Some of the downloads are also unusually slow compared to others - from video to video it can vary from 1MB/s to 20+MB/s. It's pretty odd. The failing GOTY videos were both very slow until they stopped working.

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@katelyngadd: Are you on a VPN or anything else that might affect your connection? Have you tried another browser? You may want to try a download manager, but a lot of these will split the file up and you may hit the download limit for the day fairly quickly if you use one.