Firefox/Chrome Frequent Video Freezing

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Has anyone else had issues with Firefox and Chrome playing videos? Specifically what happens is the video loads and starts playing, then anywhere from 5-30 seconds in it will freeze, but audio will still play. Then the video will catch up. This then continues to happen throughout very frequently and becomes unwatchable. I switch to Edge and it works just fine. I've tried HTLM5, Progressive, auto, HD, etc. Nothing seems to fix. I at first thought maybe it was an extension problem because I run Ublock origin, but disabled for GB. Also run https everywhere, lastpass, and, but disabling them all and even removing from Firefox doesn't change.

I don't use Edge for anything else, so I'm guessing it's most likely a problem within the browser(s). But thought I would ask the forums first before blowing stuff away testing.

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Sorry, I don't have that problem with Firefox.
I usually download the premium videos though, and the free ones I get from youtube.

There is a 200 ms to 1 s time in the beginning of the video viewing where it changes quality to a higher one. Not a freeze for me but like a chuck. But only once, in the beginning.

In your case I would recommend either downloading the videos or watching in VLC or other good video player.

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I can just continue to watch in Edge browser too, even though I have to open a new browser just to watch GB content. I just don't want to have to download every video I want to watch, but have considered that option.