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Wasn't sure exactly where to put this - feel free to move it if necessary. More of a feature request than a bug report.

When watching a live stream, it would be nice to be able to pull up the chat on a secondary device (laptop, tablet, etc...), while leaving the video full-screen on a HTPC.

Currently when doing this, it looks like the chat gets rather confused, and tries to log in on both devices. This results in a sort-of login ping pong, with each getting knocked off by the other.

Is there a pre-existing way to make this work? Some way to retain login credentials on the video-playing device (so as not to get locked out of premium streams), but log out of just the chat part of the page? Or a live stream video-only URL (since the chat itself can be "popped out" into its own window already) that wouldn't be trying to log into the chat? I suspect the latter *might* work by directing the video device to the Twitch page, but that doesn't work for premium streams so far as I can tell.

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I am also in favor of a pop-out chat. (just noticed the pop-out chat option is totally there)

I'd also like the option to hide the chat entirely.

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@hamst3r: I know this is an old post now, but unless it has changed, when you pop out the chat if you close the pop out it remains hidden in the chat page. Additionally have you tried moving the slider? I don't know how far it goes but you might just be able to smash the chat.