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I have an IPhone 5 and I've been trying to access the podcast page, so I can download the new podcast, but when I click on the page it brings to a black screen I can move up and down or a 504 error page. I know the site is still new just thought I'd mention it.

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Having this same problem. Podcast shows up fine on iTunes though. Not too big of a problem really as I just downloaded the mp3 off the site but it's still something that should probably be looked into?

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@alexisg I am also having issue authenticating into my podcast feed on iTunes. I assume that this is an issue introduced during transition right ? No worries, I'll just wait until you guys fix everything.

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I'm having the same problem authenticating into the subscriber feeds using Downcast. Don't know if it'll be a different problem with different clients. Love the redesign.

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@sub_o:@unshaven: Someone is gonna be working on podcasts tomorrow. I'll have them take a look at all of it.

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Same issue. Problems accessing the premium subscriber feeds in iTunes.

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Try rotating the screen. If your screen has enough pixels it should flip over to "tablet mode" and give you the podcast page.

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Yeah, I had the same issue of the podcast page not appearing. Any ETA on when the next deploy will be?

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Yeah the podcast isn't appearing in iTunes on my iPhone either. Hopefully it will be up in a bit I need something t for my drive home.

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I'm not even able to subscribe via iTunes on my desktop. The icon is gone and when I hit subscribe nothing happens. I miss the bombcast!

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Been having the same issue. Tried to unsubscribe/resubscribe but didn't work. Last night the podcast showed back up in the store on my phone to add, but it has no thumbnail and 0 episodes. It's titled "Bombcast - Giant Bomb's Gaming Podcast." Keep trying to refresh but nothing happens. I've always listened directly from my phone but for now I guess I'll have to download on my iMac then transfer to the phone?