I can't watch premium content as a premium subsciber

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Even tho I am logged in and tried 2 different browsers. I can't watch the premium content I paid for. Trying to watch the Mass Alex Mass Effect 2 stuff.

Just keep saying I need a premium to watch it. My account on billing also gives me the option to upgrade to premium. But when I go do that it says I already am. I also don't have access to premium content on Roku but says I am premium. I thought about trying to cancel them resubbing but there is no option to cancel at all. It's not listed. The website has no idea if I am Premium or not. It wants to take my money like it is but it doesn't want to let me watch anything.

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Yeah did that. Did both just to see what would get responded to the fastest. I realize Prob not hear anything til tomorrow. Jut wierd how I was watching Mass Alex the video finishes and all the sudden this.

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I hope they fix it soon

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@ryudo: Hey, sorry about that - I think I hooked you back up. I'll look into what caused this. Sorry for the trouble! I also hooked you up for some extra subscription time since you were unable to view the content.

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Thank you!

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I'm experiencing this myself as well. I DID just have my username changed, so I suspect that's part of it.

I can supply a ref ID # if that helps. @rorie