Not getting poll option on GBI stream

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So I got a new laptop recently and setup everything and was watching GBI and then noticed for some reason polls don't trigger for me. I don't get the sound nor can I vote the poll shows up but it doesn't allow me to interact with it.

I did not have any problem with this on my old desktop so i'm not sure why all of a sudden its breaking? Using the same browser (Chrome Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on both machines.

Regardless of this I disabled two Giantbomb chrome extensions GB QoL and GB Season Pass that I was running and that still didn't fix anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only big difference between my old desktop and the laptop is I still have Windows 7 installed on the desktop while the Laptop has Windows 10 installed. Not sure if that matters but I can't figure out why I can't get polls to work.

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Long dead post, but have you figured this out? The exact thing is happeneing to me the same jump in WIndows OS' too.