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So I was watching the Breaking Brad Volgarr premium stream event today, and noticed that I was getting a "Not logged in" error in the chat, so I figure I'd try logging out and logging back in from my account to try and remedy that.

After logging back into my account and clicking the link to watch the premium stream, it said I needed to upgrade to premium. I checked under my account management page and it said I'm now a free member.

That surely can't be right at all considering I re-subscribed for the year and have been since the start. :(

I was really looking forward to watching the event today!

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Oh right, I forgot @rorie would be the go to guy for this kind of stuff.

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Hey there,

Do you have a different username / email or something? It doesn't look like you filled out details on this account?

Also, you can contact @rorie and he can help you out.

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@jslack: I just checked that as well under my account management pages. It looks like all my billing history is missing too. I'm not quite so sure how this all happened.

I'm not sure if this may have something to do with it, but I had always logged into my account with Twitter. When I logged out today, thinking it may fix the "Not logged in" chat error, I logged in using my actual username and password credentials. After that, this all sort of happened.

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So as it turns out, I never got charged for a Premium membership renewal back in September 2013. I thought my payment had recurred for renewal on my credit card, but turns out it actually didn't - which means I've been getting a free ride on Premium since the beginning of October, which may have something to do with the fact I have always used Twitter integration to log into my account and never discovered that until I signed in with my actual Giant Bomb account username and password yesterday.

Long story short, I think I may have discovered a whole different bug that lets users have continued Premium membership for free after their renewal lapses via the Twitter sign-in process, haha.

And yes, I'm doing the right thing and renewing my annual membership right now.

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Hey @rorie, I'm getting this same "Not logged in" error in the chat during livestreams, which sucked when you were giving away Volgarr codes. Can you help??

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@tearhead: Make sure you're not behind a VPN or firewall first off, if possible, as either of those can cause some issues. Next up, make sure you're not logged in and on chat in multiple computers or tabs, as that will also cause issues. If all else fails I can hook you up with an engineer. Sorry for the trouble!

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@rorie: Ah, the multiple tab thing might be the issue. I watch live streams on a tv I have hooked up to this PC in a separate window. I'll see if this is the problem during tonight's UPF.

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Just discovered I had this bug today too during unprofessional fridays! Turns out my subscription lapsed for about a month, but because I never logged out, I still got free premium content! Strange!

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This just happened to me. I'm downgraded now, even though I bought a 1-year premium membership in mid-October.