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Hey yo,

I have a Nokia 6 (TA-1003) running Android 8.1.0 with the latest Chrome (70) logged in to the site

Here's my bug in step form:

1) A new Beastcast episode appears in Feedly every Friday

2) The feed item takes me to the individual episode page (not the podcast show page - this is not the bug, just describing the process) a la https://www.giantbomb.com/shows/episode-184/2970-18618/

3) I tap the 'More Options' link on this page to surface the precious download button

4) It for some reason starts playing the media in the hero area instead

5) I'm forced to emulate a desktop browser to get the download button



P.S.: Here's a screenshot of my pain:

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@rwcohn: Someone in the bombcast/beastcast discussions gave me the hot tip to turn your phone sideways to landscape mode and then press more options and it works. It does work, it's the best workaround at the moment, hopefully they fix it properly someday.