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I've got this e-mail two times now with different passwords. Doesn't feel right so i want to be sure it's a legit GB message.

Hey tryptofan,

We are cleaning up data related to your account. Unfortunately, we had to reset your password on Giant Bomb.

Your new password: 4d67b276f4XXX845729ab4XXXee42d43f1XXX3f64d67b276f4XXX845729ab45XXXe42d43f1ee03f6

Once you log in with this password you will be asked to reset it; for security reasons please reset it.

Just a friendly message from the duders at Giant Bomb

I've edited the password. Just in case.

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Possibly? You should contact Dave. I do know that there are users who were having log in issues and what not.

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@tryptofan: Demoskinos' suggestion of contacting Dave is probably your best bet. Though personally, I'd probably trust the email, based on the fact that the email isn't giving you a shady link or email address to send your login information to, and instead is saying "Here's a new password, feel free to go to our actual site and try it". It would be very hard for a scammer to get any benefit from you just trying to input a fake password into

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I got an email just like that this morning. I haven't been able to log on since the new site began and after about 5 emails trying to resolve the issue, I'm finally back!

I logged in using the long password and changed it back to my old one, and all is good now. So, yea, I'd say its a legit service email.

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Tried to edit the post but was too new.. I found an email from Jeff saying i was going to recieve that email so ya it's legit. =)

Thanks anyway.