Text on Giantbomb Infinite (TV)

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I am not completely sure if this is the right forum but couldn't find one for Giantbomb TV.

Anyway, as you may new, there is text at the top with the timer for next poll and the played video, I love that but the problem is that it makes me uneasy to keep the stream going for so long that might lead to some burn-in (OLED and Plasma TV) as some videos are very long.

I was wondering if you could move those from time to time or make them appear every N minutes. It would be nice to not have worry about it.


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Although there are a supposed three replies to this thread, only the OP appears.

Regardless, I would like to voice my support for this as well. For the many consumers who indulge in GB Infinite the static text is a concern to owners of high end televisions of particular design or in general those who do not appreciate the static text at all.

Perhaps an alternative could be a simple switch to display the text, or not, similar to to poll alert. I'm unaware of what technology GB uses for its overlays, however several off the shelf solutions such as Strexm or Wowza offer customization options, depending. I realize this needs to be built into your code, however, perhaps it could be done with a relatively little LOE.

I hope you consider this as it is an issue to many of the premium members.

Thank you again for your continued work.


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Just randomize the corners that the texts are in every 30 mins or so.

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Although there are a supposed three replies to this thread, only the OP appears.

That's because there were two spam accounts that replied to this topic, it's been here 45 days.