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Just made a poll, had it triple post ("How do you consume GB content?" is the thread). I hit create poll, walked away, and it was still processing 3 minutes later. Once it finished there were three separate, identical threads.

I've had comments double post before but this is a first.

@blu3v3nom07 Done, in my nearly 5 years here I never PM'd a mod about bugs. I feel so... new.

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Just tag some moderators, complain your issue.

Or pm the mods on the right of the page, and then complain.

Easy as pie. Boysenberry.

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I had the same thing happen with a post. It had an embedded video, but even considering that it took a long time to process. When if finally finished and I refreshed the thread, there sat three copies of my reply.

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I just had a thread double post as well, there most be something up right now.

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Yeah, been seeing a few of these the last day or so. Let me know if it's still going on.