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Just wanna say that the video playback has been really bad for me on the new site, HD videos load really really slow, like 30 minutes to fully load that colonial marines quick look.

My connection isn't the problem, I got 30 mbps down so it should be fine. On the previous site videos loaded super quick, had no problems at all. I dont have any problems on the live twitch stream as well, I always watch on 720p+ and the video plays fine.

I tried all the methods, streaming, progressive, html5 and they all behave the same way.

One thing that bothers me about the new player is that I cant really see how much of the video is loaded like I used to on the previous player or maybe its just that video is loading so slow now that I can't really tell the difference lol

Just wanna report this, I know you guys are hard at work right nowso one more thing to add to the todo list.


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If using a progressive, you should still see a file loading bar. In HTML5, because of browser peculiarities, we are not displaying that at this point, but we'll mull it over about putting it back in.