Our dystopian nightmare future has arrived.

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#1 Edited by hassun (10030 posts) -

EDIT: Since the original upload was made private, I am replacing it with a re-uploaded version of it:

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#3 Posted by onarum (3212 posts) -

My god... words fail me right now...

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#4 Posted by Mike (17997 posts) -

Oh, fuck off Squeenix.

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#5 Posted by hassun (10030 posts) -

"Embrace what you've become!"

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#6 Posted by CoinMatze (565 posts) -

Guys! Yoyoyoyoyo!




Day 1! And by "Day 1" I mean "Day -180"

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#7 Edited by MannyMAR (662 posts) -

Illuminati tiered Pre-ordering: confirmed.

Wasn't there a game that did this kind of thing on Steam before*. Either way eff pre-ordering this, I'll just wait and see if it's good.

*Haha just remembered it was Xcom: Enemy Unknown. It was all 2k's fault that society is now collapsing.

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#8 Posted by T_wester (839 posts) -

Good god that's obnoxious.

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Wow, that FOUR DAYS EARLY thing is obnoxious.

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#10 Posted by Irishmarkerhead (50 posts) -

I don't even know what to stutter, let alone say.

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#11 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2324 posts) -

Just the other day I was saying "the worst when it comes to DLC/preorders is probably behind us" ... I guess I was wrong :)

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#12 Posted by ArtisanBreads (9107 posts) -

Pre-order apartheid.

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#13 Posted by kasaioni (2397 posts) -

Good thing I'm not as invested in the series. I was considering buying it, but now I'm just not going to buy this game at all.

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#14 Posted by TJMasterK (120 posts) -

"...and the choice is yours."

OK. I choose NOT to preorder because A. does this tell me anything about the actual game? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

And B. This suff has no baring on the acual game anyways so I will enjoy the real game (assuming its good) with out having to preorder because

C. The things I care about will be available to me weather I preorder the game or not.

Fuck off Square.

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#15 Posted by ThePhantomStranger (569 posts) -

Well guys next gen has finally picked up just in time for videogames to be over forever. #mechanicalapartheid

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#16 Posted by Turambar (8251 posts) -

Well this is incredibly dumb.

Though strangely, I find this also way better than having so many different pre-order sets that you need to publish a damn chart for your consumers to navigate.

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#17 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -


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#18 Posted by mechakirby (448 posts) -

Its actually kinda smart, I dunno. If you're the kind of person who will 100% play this game no questions asked, then there's no issue if those people want to pay for their game early. I don't see a problem with giving them options. The 4 days early thing is pretty hilarious, but whatever, its just a thing to drive preorders. Better than most other incentives. Hell, that's the best thing you could possibly give the fans?

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#19 Posted by CouldbeRolf (256 posts) -

Pre-order strech goals has been on steam from time to time for a few years now, this is nothing new. And like all pre-order bonuses it's all useless crap. Peole who want those bonuses will pre-order and thos who don't care wont. This changes nothing. And compared to Ubisofts 10+ different pre-order packages this is pretty tame.

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#20 Posted by Corvak (1975 posts) -

I'll just wait for Green Man to have a 25% off deal and order it from them.

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#21 Posted by JDP83 (319 posts) -

When I saw the "dystopian nightmare future" part, I thought "Oh cool! That's exactly the sort of universe Deus Ex should be in."

...And then I watched the video.

Congratulations, video games. You've hit a new low.

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#22 Posted by ShaggE (9302 posts) -

Guys. Guys. Didn't you see?


#cantkillprogress indeed. Fuck me. Not the worst pre-order model in the world (remember the Watch Dogs chart?), but the aggressiveness of it gives me a bad vibe. "Don't wait for reviews! Get it now! Seriously, do not wait for reviews! Everybody pre-order! Regret later, pre-order now! PRE-ORDER!"

I don't know, just what I'm getting from it. I'm still looking forward to the game.

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#23 Edited by hassun (10030 posts) -

@voidprod: This isn't tame at all.

E.g. Compare it to that Bioshock Infinite pre-order campaign on Steam:

Here's how it works: if enough people pre-order BioShock Infinite, a free copy of the original BioShock gets unlocked. If that's not enough, a series of exclusive BioShock Infinite-themed items (details below) in Team Fortress 2 will be unlocked if the number of pre-orders reaches the next level. Lastly, Steam will sweeten the pot by unlocking a free copy of X-Com: Enemy Unknown once pre-orders hit that magic number. Of course, this is in addition to the Industrial Revolution pack that you will receive immediate access to just for pre-ordering!

It's on an entirely different level of bullshit.

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#24 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15748 posts) -

I never asked for multi-tiered pre-order bonuses.

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#25 Posted by Original_Hank (267 posts) -

Mankind Divided indeed!

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#26 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

So I'll totally play this game when it's free on PS+

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#27 Posted by OurSin_360 (6200 posts) -

Just "pre-order" like the day before it comes out, it's not really pre-ordering but it is. If not just wait till it goes on sale

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#28 Posted by CouldbeRolf (256 posts) -

@hassun: Yeah, that's stuff that's much more likely to push someone to pre-order imo. If I got a free game with my pre-order, I might actually consider it, but this? Nah. This could just as likely drive people to hold off pre-ordering until more tiers are unlocked. This is all fluff without any substance except maybe the mission, but I don't recall a single pre-order mission that's been worth playing in any game.

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#29 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5626 posts) -

@hassun: I get the gif is supposed to be funny, but you might want to put an epilepsy warning on that. Spoiler block it or something.

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#30 Posted by hassun (10030 posts) -

@oldirtybearon: Is it that bad? I edited it to be much smaller on purpose...

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#31 Posted by Dan_CiTi (5249 posts) -

I pre ordered Witcher 3 like a year before on PC and got it for like 40% off then just bought it Day 1 o. PS4 anyway. Pre-orders are funny.

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#32 Edited by cloudnineboya (990 posts) -

first thing i getting from this is a seizure, now to watch the video after i pick myself up from the floor. edit, or not.

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#33 Posted by hassun (10030 posts) -

@oldirtybearon: @cloudnineboya:

I edited the post so you should now see a still image by default and the flickering version only if you click on it. Let me know if it's still causing problems

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#34 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

Is our dystopian nightmare future embedded videos that don't play? What's going on here?

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#35 Edited by nonplayer (21 posts) -

Bahahaha they set it to private.

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#36 Edited by deactivated-5b531a34b946c (1251 posts) -

@starvinggamer said:

Is our dystopian nightmare future embedded videos that don't play? What's going on here?

@nonplayer said:

Bahahaha they set it to private.

Edit: Now that the video doesn't work, perhaps the first post should contain some explanation to what went down. For @starvinggamer, the upcoming Deus Ex game had an insane tiered pre-order incentive, with the tiers being unlocked based on a global pre-order goal. The final tier was unlocking the game a whopping 4 days early. Apparently the backlash was enough for them to set the video to private.

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#37 Edited by Brodehouse (10812 posts) -

Hey will I be able to buy the game when it comes out and will I feel like it has 60 dollars worth of content?

^The only thing you should care about. You're literally mad that they're offering you a thing to get you to do a thing, as if offering you a 60 dollar video game in exchange for 60 dollars is somehow completely different.

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#38 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

People get angry over the stupidest shit. Really? 4 days early is THE END OF VIDEOGAMES!?

I wish you all luck in your world of vilifying for-profit companies that try to encourage people to make a gesture of intent to purchase their product.

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#39 Posted by hassun (10030 posts) -

@starvinggamer: Are you seriously trying to spin this as an honest for-profit company trying to make an honest buck? Jesus Christ man, there isn't some all-out attack on capitalism happening here. Nor did I say anything about the "END OF VIDEO GAMES".

Either way I have edited the OP with a re-upload of the original trailer.

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#40 Edited by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

@hassun: Maybe I'm reading too much in to "dystopian nightmare future" but that sounds like a pretty bleak outlook to me.

Nothing about this indicates it being any different than any other preorder bonus, except this one doesn't have any retailer exclusives which is always annoying. Still not seeing where everything is on fire.

EDIT: Also having the same argument in two different threads makes my brain feel a bit funny.

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#41 Edited by TheHT (15875 posts) -

@starvinggamer: It's hyperbolic, for sure. But still, a trailer dedicated to pre-order bonus customization and tiered "rewards" is pretty hilarious.

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#42 Posted by burgavo (1148 posts) -

Wow, thats pretty amazing, they took the concept of kickstarter stretch goals and aplied it to pre-order bonuses. I do hope the people who get to play that game 4 days early don't have to wait for a 5 gig day one patch that shows up on actual launch day.

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#43 Posted by CouldbeRolf (256 posts) -

@burgavo: Again: this has been done before on steam. But I guess these rewards are... evil? Idk, seems like a lot of outrage over a gimmic.

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#44 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

@burgavo: In fairness, the stretch goal thing for pre-orders has been a thing on Steam for a while now.

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#45 Edited by extintor (1104 posts) -

I strongly suspect that I will buy this game... but square enix. FUCK. RIGHT. OFF. with your anti-consumer 'four days early' bullshit and pre-order tiered rewards. ARGH!

I feel sorry for the developers and how embarrassed they must feel watching marketing and PR fuck up the (well-deserved) good name of the Deus Ex brand with this toxic bullshit.

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#46 Posted by burgavo (1148 posts) -

I didn't say Square was evil did I?, It's just the first time I've seen a pre order campaign go this deep, but I play mainly on consoles so maybe it's more of a thing on PC? Square is free to do whatever they can to get excitement out there for their new product. I personally have no stake in this at all as I just don't believe in paying up front for an unproven product if I can avoid it. I just thought that getting the game 4 days earlier was a pretty silly reward since that's just a shipping date.

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#47 Posted by Petiew (1465 posts) -

The tiers and early release seem kind of stupid, but I think choosing what you want is better than every single retailer and their mother having some sort of exclusive DLC. Obviously it would be better that all of it was just in the base game, but that'll never happen.

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#48 Posted by ZolRoyce (1589 posts) -

"The possibilities are endless" There's like 5 tiers worth of stuff and it sounds like 5 is just unlocking the game so really there is 4 tiers which equals like a handful of possible combinations, endless my ass.

I honestly don't mind the idea behind picking pre-order or collectors edition stuff. But this one missed the mark so bad. I love art books, OSTs are hit and miss for me, so in a world where you don't really have a choice most of the time and it's all or nothing, and it being all makes it more expensive, it wold be kind of cool to go "I want the game, and the art book, and that's it"

But this just reeks of skeezy marketing gimmick bullshitery.

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#50 Posted by Wuddel (2436 posts) -

Yeah, stop preordering videogames. Says that as I pledge 77 bucks for a game on Kickstarter.