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Posted by katpottz (511 posts) 2 years, 2 months ago

Poll: So... How was E3 this year (472 votes)

It was super dope yo! 5%
It was pretty good. 30%
It was ok I guess... 33%
It was a bit underwhelming 21%
It was boring/disapointing 8%
I didn't watch E3 2%

E3 seemed to be pretty controversial this year with big highs and lows depending on the company as well as drama around the public admissions potentially stuffing the show to it's limit. It has been kinda hard to gauge for me so I was wondering what you guys all thought about it?

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#1 Posted by FinalDasa (3233 posts) -

Uneven. Thankfully the high points were very good and the low points weren't that bad. A few too many games announced without release dates or windows for my taste. However it was still a lot of fun and it's hard to feel sour with so many neat looking games coming our way.

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#2 Edited by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -

Is not much I am excited to play this year but I am excited to get Far Cry 5 and Dragonball FighterZ

What disappointed me the most was the lack of cringe #bringbackfakeesports

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#3 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

I honestly can't think of one exciting announcement other than Metroid Prime 4, which was just a teaser. I guess that EA Prison Break game from the Brothers guy looks good? I want to play that, but I don't NEED to play that like I do something like Super Mario Odyssey.

Lots of games I want to play but I knew about all of them ahead of time.

Kind of disappointed that there was nothing on Virtual Console for Switch, but I expected it.

Happy that PSVR is still being supported.

Really wish someone had done a "AND YOU CAN PLAY IT NOW!" reveal, other than stupid MVC:I demo. Those are always my favorite, and they take away momentum from the next press conference so they're a good tool.

It wasn't a terrible E3, but compared to the last two Sony conferences there just wasn't much wow factor. Then again, video games are in a great place right now so it's not a big deal.

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#4 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2973 posts) -

This E3 is the least cringy I've ever seen it, and I liked that a lot.

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#5 Posted by Maluvin (750 posts) -

I think it was fine. I think it's tempered by the fact that a lot of the higher profile games were things that had previously been announced so there weren't really huge surprises. Still think it's a cool gathering of the industry.

As far as Giant Bomb is concerned I think it was a great E3. Great guests as always (great job Alex) and I think everyone on the crew had some great moments (with the exception of poor Brad getting sick and Internet connectivity issues). Abby and Ben were great and we got to see a bunch of ex-Giant Bomb and Gamespot folks so that's pretty great. Jeff was an amazing host for all the late night stuff as always.

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#6 Posted by bakayoyo (12 posts) -

I saw it as a step in the transition between a trade show and a gaming convention. The big companies are less dependent on E3 to promote their games, many better alternatives exist that they can control themselves. To me this was clear in far less true reveals and hard dates than previous years. Yet to become a true gaming convention that can rival others like the PAX events, it still has a way to go.

For me Giant Bomb has done an excellent job to document some of the behind the scenes shenanigans of E3. There is something special about putting the big players together in an arena and seeing who comes out on top and who falters which is still unique to E3. It would be kind of a shame also if that is going to fade out in the coming years.

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#7 Edited by Bollard (8185 posts) -

Overall, underwhelming. The Xbox and Playstation press conferences focussed entirely on games (good), but presented it in a way that made it a lot less personal (just trailers, no developers on stage, bad).

Not even going to talk about that Nintendo Direct, it was dreadful.

Ubisoft really missed Aisha Tyler, although I continue to appreciate how they turn it into a celebration of everything that company does by bringing everyone on stage. EA continued to forget to actually bring any games (they showed 8, 3 of which were sports games and 1 was a game that is already out).

But, all that said, Monster Hunter World is the most excited I've been for a game since... I don't even know. They could have just showed that trailer on loop for every single press conference and I would have been happy.

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#8 Posted by JohnyMyko (1898 posts) -

It was a great E3 for Giant Bomb content but not an E3 with good content.

The exciting announcements and games were almost none, with most of them being Mario-related and most of the conferences were just dull. When the company that puts the same formula on almost every game has one of the best conferences, then something must be wrong.

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#9 Posted by Shindig (4964 posts) -

It managed to surprise. Very few games seemed close enough to be playable but I'm excited for Super Mario Odyssey. The Xbox... X didn't wow me but then I've not got the hardware at home to really see it. I look at E3 as the first PR step. There's very little tangible beyond a game being announced or some progress report. Evil Within and The Crew are getting a second chance whilst Assassins Creed still looks like it's trying to get back to what it was, rather than forging a new path.

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#10 Edited by BrunoTheThird (846 posts) -

Aisha not showing was a blessing for me. I'm so glad those awkward, forced comedy moments were nowhere to be seen, and I'm glad they didn't hand a similar script to another C-lister with no comic timing. The games really spoke for themselves without that phoned-in stuff. I loved it; their best in maybe seven or eight years. It felt real for a change.

I thought this year was Microsoft's best in a long while, too. Tonnes of interesting games I've never head of, and -- iffy name aside -- that new box is undeniably impressive.

It made Sony look like arrogant coasters, cos they had almost nothing new. Their VR segment was decent for what it was, though; something the Vita would've benefited from more often. Spider-Man was one of my top picks also, so it wasn't terrible in hindsight, but definitely boring. So many drab, serious games. The Last of Us and Heavy Rain have really affected a lot of Sony studios in a way I kind of resent. Horizon did it in a more colourful way, but the whole slow-paced 'adult' narratives that are trying to mimick cinema is getting tiring, and even God of frigging War is being dragged into the Swamp of Sadness. That, Detroit, and that Uncharted side-game all stink of it. Monster Hunter was a welcome surprise amid all that noise.

I want the new Kirby and Yoshi, and Odyssey, so I can't complain there. It was short and sweet enough. The Pokemon tease was better than nothing I guess, but no elaboration on the online stuff or monthly games library was a real disappointment. Not many surprises either.

Wolfenstein II looks amazing. That, Oddysey, DBZ, Spider-Man, Moss, Mario + Rabbids, The Last Night, A Way Out, etc., all looked really great to me, among other little highlights. Considering how amazing 2017 has been, that is some stellar looking stuff.

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#11 Posted by Wolfgame (1168 posts) -

I've been thinking over E3 and wanted to wait until I had seen all the presentations before making a decision. Overall I will say that I am disappointed with this years E3. I was hoping that Nintendo would really demonstrate their commitment to the Switch but I just didn't see much that convinced me that I made a good call being an early adopter of the system. Sony and Microsoft had pretty weak showings also with no significant surprises. Microsoft seemed to tie their wagon to the fad that is Player Unknown Battleground. They both talked about the diversity of there platforms, but neither seemed to demonstrate that. Microsoft emphasizing OG Xbox compatibility shouldn't have been one of the highlights of the show. I believe Sony came out saying that they held back on E3 as far as their announcements. That's what E3 seemed to be this year, the big 3 holding back and making no big moves. Everything was average

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#12 Edited by Luchalma (548 posts) -

For me, personally, it was largely underwhelming. More than anything, my thoughts could be summed up as "yeah that game still looks cool". Not many surprises, and my top games of the show were games we'd already known about going in. That new Monster Hunter looks hot though, whatever that Blade Runner looking game at Microsoft's show was sure looked pretty, and A Way Out seems really neat.

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#13 Posted by riostarwind (1363 posts) -

E3 was merely okay. A few good moments and plenty of games to get me interested in maybe playing them one day. Yet it didn't really have a big impact on me. It rarely had that moment where I was super excited about what they were showing off. On one hand that should mean a lot of these games were coming out this year but that isn't true either. So, in the end, E3 was just a really average show. At least for me, I'm sure plenty of other users really liked it or didn't like it at all.

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#14 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (3017 posts) -

There were lots of games shown that I look forward to playing, but the vast majority of them were known quantities before E3. Not a ton of big surprises this year.

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#15 Posted by Captain_Insano (3533 posts) -

This E3 is the least cringy I've ever seen it, and I liked that a lot.

This is absolutely true - I think in large part because Ubisoft finally put up a press conference that was not a total awkward shit show (now we just have to wait for EA to finally follow suit). Sony was stilted and weirdly paced, but not cringeworthy.

On the other hand, I don't think there were any 'wow' moments or announcements at all across the board. Mario Odyssey looks interesting. Mario v Rabbids has me intrigued. Some of the games from other publishers and developers look good, but most of them were known quantities and nothing really 'stood out'.

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#16 Edited by ThePanzini (748 posts) -

Definitely a muted E3 with no big surprises but despite having alot of known quantities but the coming slate of games are still looking great and at end of the year I'm gonne be making some hard decisions.

The Ubisoft conference this year was really well structured it was great hearing a few words from a developer who cares explaining whats going on, Ubisoft didn't miss Aisha at all I've always found her presence quite awkward. Here's hoping next year the live directs stop cause the games don't always speak for themselves.

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#17 Edited by Eroq (91 posts) -

I'd say it was pretty good. High points were pretty high, and the lows weren't too bad (maybe boring and derivative, but nothing egregious). I felt each conference brought at least one thing both new and cool-looking. Even if a good portion of the games shown were known quantities, to see them in further detail makes the remainder of 2017 look promising.

I just hope Sony changes their press conference format by next year. The deluge of trailers with little to no explanation gets boring.

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#18 Posted by TheWildCard (700 posts) -

It was okay to good. No there wasn't any crazy reveals (Dragonball and the Monster Hunter game was probably the closest, unless a Metroid Prime logo is exciting to you), and Sony wasn't up to their usual high standard of showmanship, but Microsoft and Ubisoft had their best presentations in a long time, and there was plenty of good looking games everywhere.

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#19 Posted by damnboyadvance (4198 posts) -

It wasn't as exciting as I was hoping it would be, but in a year seeing a bunch of amazing games come out (this is the best time to be playing video games after all) I guess I can't be too surprised.

Nintendo's event was short and sweet. That Odyssey trailer made their whole show. It definitely made me want to go out and buy a Switch.

Sony's press conference was terrible. I think they're letting their market position get to their heads; it's like they didn't even try this year. Someone just stuck a bunch of trailers together and called it good.

Microsoft was in the middle. They made a great case for the Xbox One X. I don't see myself getting one, but for someone trying to decide on a console, Microsoft took away the PS4 Pro as being the obvious choice.

Giant Bomb coverage was great as always.

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#20 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

It was cool as usual.

There are worse things in the world to complain about than a weekend of game announcements and trailers.

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#21 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

The whole thing was cringeworthy in my opinion. With the exception of Wolfenstien, there wasn't really anything that we either had already seen before, or seen so little of that it was bearly worth mentioning at this stage. I was bored out of my mind the entire time.

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#22 Posted by OurSin_360 (6201 posts) -

Besides the live shows(which i actually watched most of live) i am really only interested in 2 games announced. The Scorpio looks cool but just a littls overpriced for me ATM.

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#23 Edited by BisonHero (11604 posts) -

@captain_insano said:
@redhotchilimist said:

This E3 is the least cringy I've ever seen it, and I liked that a lot.

This is absolutely true - I think in large part because Ubisoft finally put up a press conference that was not a total awkward shit show (now we just have to wait for EA to finally follow suit). Sony was stilted and weirdly paced, but not cringeworthy.


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I feel like the staff would've mocked that moment longer but Minecraft managed to distract them.

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#24 Posted by Dispossession (159 posts) -

I was indifferent to it. Excited to see some stuff, disappointed by it just the same. However, I did go to E3 this year with a group of friends and it was a cool experience. I played two games because the lines were outrageous. But meeting Ben Pack, fist bumping Brad haha, and talking to Vinny in the "This is Run" limited shirt was a pretty nice highlight for me.

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#26 Edited by WheresDerrick (326 posts) -

I think it was okay; I don't think we will get the 2013 E3 of Sony dropping mics or Shenmue, Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy Remake reveals or the first Bethesda conference type stuff for a while, so the last couple E3's in comparison haven't been as great, though they haven't been bad either.

I think this year's was better than last year's overall, though Sony and Bethesda were rather disappointing.

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#27 Posted by IVDAMKE (1824 posts) -

There wasn't a single game that I came out thinking "I need to play this!" but it was a generally good showing. They showed a lot of games that seem like good sale games for me, the one exception would be Metro Exodus because I'm a Metro fan but I need to see more of that game unfiltered and less stage demo-y before I pass legitimate judgement.

In terms of the conferences, Ubisoft managed to pull one out of their ass and present the best one. Microsoft has basically nothing I want to buy so they always fall flat for me and somehow Sony managed to make theirs incredibly boring despite it just being a string of game trailers. Bethesda's I was disappointed in, I still wonder why they even had a stage presence rather than just publishing a video or something. Most of their games weren't worthy of a stage demo, The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 being the only games I really came out of that conference caring about was a bummer and they fucking killed Quake for me with BJ (fucking seriously dual rail guns.)

Overall it was good, but not great. Will be an easily forgotten E3.

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#28 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1442 posts) -

The Last Night was the only thing that wow'd me. Everything else was just ok, nothing super amazing.

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#29 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

It was aight.

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#30 Posted by mems1224 (2511 posts) -

I know a lot of people are down on it and I think those people are insane. There are so many games coming out in the next 12 months that I'm super excited about. Every conference had at least 2 things I'm buying day 1. Probably the best e3 this gen for me.

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#31 Edited by csl316 (15009 posts) -

It was solid. Nothing amazing this year, aside from Nintendo surprising with all of their announcements. But it was a good year with some great GB content.

2017 will continue to see some promising releases, and if they live up to expectations then I'll have a hell of a time trimming things down to a top 10.

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#32 Edited by Dussck (1054 posts) -

It was not bad. I was kind of expecting to see more '2018/2019' titles, but it actually made the 2nd half of 2017 very interesting for me with reveals like Wolfenstein, Evil Within and Mario+Rabbids. And on top of that some PSVR content coming soon.

So instead of seeing a lot of big reveals that we can't play for another 3 years anyway, we have some very cool stuff that releases this year still. I'm actually very OK with that.

And GB coverage knocked it out of the park again. They make E3 special.

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#33 Edited by Dixavd (2907 posts) -

I thought it was great despite not bringing out much passion in me. There were a lot of fantastic games shown which seem tangible and real: less like games so far in the distance as to potentially never appear again.

I will say, though, that the extended spread of announcements over the few weeks prior to and the week of E3 meant that it left less of a punch than it may have, had all those announcements been at the press conferences. I'm sure the publishers have a lot a data which tells them that spreading the announcement window gives games better exposure, but it does lessen the potency of E3... (Although maybe they want to detox the hype-machine around E3 after debacles like No Man's Sky).

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#34 Posted by glots (4390 posts) -


Cuphead got a (hopefully final) release date and Wolfenstein 2 was dated as well, so that was nice. Otherwise nothing new besides A Way Out really caught my interest in a "Oh, I'll definitely play that game." way and I was somewhat disappointed that Spider-man didn't get a release date for this year and that Knack 2 is our last PS4 exclusive for the whole year in September already, I guess, if we're excluding Uncharted and Horizon DLCs. Guess we gotta wait 'till PSX for the big Sony news.

Obviously the show was made better by the GB coverage, so thumbs up for that once again!

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#35 Posted by deactivated-5a00c029ab7c1 (1777 posts) -
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#36 Edited by cikame (2917 posts) -

As is usually the case these days Ubisoft is the highlight for me, while i don't think the new Assassin's Creed looks all that good (as a fan of all the games), the rest of their upcoming titles are interesting in various ways, the chance that The Crew 2 lives up to the first game's potential or takes it somewhere much further with all its additions, the chance that the South Park game doesn't suck as much as it looks like it does and matches the brilliant first release, the chance that Far Cry 5 manages to shake off the series' stagnation, that Mario and Rabbids thing which is nuts, and whatever the hell Beyond Good and Evil 2 turns out to be. On top of the announcements having Yves Guillemot hosting the show was fantastic, for as much as Ubi is "just another big games company" there is passion there, there were genuine tears, there was joy.
EA's conference was extremely boring, Need for Speed is fine if that games turns out to be good i'll play it, but The Crew 2 has my attention when it comes to racing, Anthem could be good, but all they showed was the side quest mentality of a basic MMO or Destiny, kill this group of enemies, get loot, repeat, the gameplay looks fun but at the moment it's devoid of anything creative or interesting, also i have a hard time looking at Bioware these days without my face getting tired... and i just don't care about anything else they showed or talked about.
The new Xboxoxoxox thing seems to have people's attention, i just hope the graphics push doesn't introduce layers of vasline infused post processing effects to every game going forward, and that hard drive requirements don't balloon into the stratosphere.
I don't remember much about what Playstation had, if i play Shadow of the Colossus again in the future that new version will be fun, but it wasn't that long ago i played that PS3 release.
Like most my game of the show is Wolfenstein 2, i very much hope the PC version doesn't suffer similar issues as the first game they put out.
The most exciting announcement by far was the vaulting trailer for Battlegrounds :P.

Other notable mentions, Ace Combat 7, it's been a long time since i fell in love with 6 but watching gameplay the graphics presentation is very blurry, the FOV of all the cameras is very zoomed in, the frame rate's just not high enough in what they showed, it hope it comes together, and Dragonball Fighterz, i don't necessarily like 2D fighting games all that much but i'll get some fun out of it.

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#37 Posted by Max_Cherry (1639 posts) -

I feel that this year's E3 was just a big venue for showing Wolfenstein 2.

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#38 Posted by McKay (23 posts) -

Was probably the most intensely I have watched e3. Watched all the GB stuff and listened to a ton of podcasts each day.

EA's pc was okay. I'm 34 and don't understand influencers and didnt appreciate them being there with their cringey presentation skills. But that's probably me just being old

Microsoft was fine. Always enjoy listening to Phil and some of the games interest me. And i will probably get the console. But this shoutcaster thing needs to gtf

Ubisoft was great. So passionate and backed up with some fine looking games.

Nintendo was brief, but good.

Bethesda was worth it for Wolfenstein and The Evil Within 2 interests me.

The Giant Bomb coverage was remarkable as always (not sure im a fan of Abby and Ben TOGETHER, but that may just be my age again). My love for the GB stuff is tempered with fear for if/when Jeff calls it quits. For me, he is just so great in his role. Could listen to him all day.

Would like to see the DLC guys get on the sofa next year.

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#39 Posted by Nodima (2638 posts) -

It was OK. A lot of companies put themselves in a tough spot last year showing so many games that weren't due until next year, and they were all such big titles they really had no choice but to talk about them again. Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us 2 would've pushed it over to a good show but I'm not surprised we didn't see either of them. I'd wager the latter is going to be used to stoke excitement for Playstation Experience each year until it comes out, and Rockstar doesn't go to E3.

Giant Bomb's coverage was stellar, Waypoint did some good podcasts, Griffin McElroy ate a banana. It was a good show for entertainment even if the content was low on exciting reveals. It was also fun to realize the theme of 2017 was "pirate", an interesting break from every developer leaning on a weapon or a theme and shifting to a setting.

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#40 Posted by NietzscheCookie (122 posts) -

It was really good on the entertainment front. Ben and Abby did great.

With games less so, but I think a lot of cool stuff was there but didn't get a spotlight on it. Ni no Kuni II in the sony pre-show? Devolver having a fake press conference despite having a great list of games? More than any E3 I felt like I had to work to find out about cool upcoming games. Now I have a good grasp on things like The Sword of Ditto, Moonlighter, Dauntless, Absolver, Battle Chasers Nightwar, Lost Sphear I feel good about the show.

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#41 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

Didn't watch it. Again. I love video games. I can't stand the PR side of the industry. So much cringe, ridiculous promises and vaporware. I only get excited about games after they've been released anymore.

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#42 Posted by Deathstriker (1177 posts) -

It wasn't bad, but was very lacking to me. Sony is relying on Kratos, Colossus, Spiderman, and the Naughty Dog formula as their AAA games, which isn't bad but not very inventive/interesting either.

MS is focusing on hardware when I'd rather see them focus on first party software.

For EA I don't really care about Battlefront, especially if this one has crappy gunplay like the last one. I'd rather seen Bioware's A team make Mass Effect 4, than a Destiny clone with the B team making Mass Effect with not enough time, resources, or direction.

I don't remember the last Ubisoft game that I actually liked a lot... maybe Blacklist. I'll believe they've made another great game when I experience it myself. They're too good at trailers to rely on that.

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#43 Posted by Sam_lfcfan (301 posts) -

I think the main reason people are so down on E3 this year is due to Sony and Microsoft having pretty underwhelming press conferences. Microsoft did little to sell the Xbox One X, and Sony just through their hands up and said "Remember all those crazy announcements from last year? Here's half of them again in non-playable form. Oh by the way, they're still not out any time soon." There were a lot of games I was pleasantly surprised by. Need for Speed: Payback looks like a really good Burnout/Fast and Furious fusion, Battlefront 2 looks awesome (Janina was amazing on the live show), and Nintendo appears to be on a real hot streak creatively. That Mario and Rabbids game actually looks fun. It's X-com for beginners. They gave Mario a gun. One of the designers was tearing up watching Miyamoto talk up the game they're making. There could've been more of those moments, but I still felt good about the show.

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#44 Edited by GundamGuru (786 posts) -

I was underwhelmed personally, but it's mostly because we in a lull for AAA RPGs. Anthem looked weirdly derivative to me, and I'm not completely sure why I can't shake that feeling. I had a friend describe it as Age of Ultron crossed with Destiny, and maybe that's why. I'm burned out on the Iron Man aesthetic at this point. We didn't see any word on Cyberpunk 2077, which is likely years away. Mario X Rabbids having X-com inspired gameplay was an interesting surprise. Don't have a Switch yet, though, and not able to get one for a bit, so those games excite less than they would otherwise. There was also tons of sequels this year, which are mostly known quantities and hard to get really hyped about.

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#45 Edited by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

Probably fine to watch. Being there sucked.

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#46 Posted by SamanthaK (225 posts) -

It was pretty meh this year, we got some cool stuff but for the most part we knew what to expect.

The biggest game for me was the new Wolfenstein.

And there were some interesting indie games there but other than that it was quite meh this year in my honest opinion.

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#47 Posted by ATastySlurpee (685 posts) -

I thought it was pretty good. It was very games heavy and little to no hardware presence (which is perfect for me). While there were no HUGE Surprises, there are plenty of games I'm looking forward to.

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#48 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3902 posts) -

@deathtrap: Did you attend? I'm interested to hear what people who attended as public thought of it. Was it as bad as it was made out to be?

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#49 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

@jesus_phish: Yeah, I attended - but not as a public person. I had an industry pass. From my perspective, it was terrible. Bad enough that I'm very unlikely to bother attending next year. Too many stores on the show floor (felt like way more than previous years), lines were out of control, and parking was awful.

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#50 Posted by ShaggE (9305 posts) -

Not amazing, but it had enough good stuff to be worth it. The big plus for me was that they showed off quite a few games that are actually coming out this year.