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Edit: Totally forgot about this one:

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  I think this is like the 10th time ive pushed this song on this site. 
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So damn relaxing. I really missed it in ME2

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@Hylianhero1991: Yes, absolutely. I've also found lately that I really like the Uncharted title theme, especially how they keep it from game to game, and when I hear it, I get a big dumb smile on my face.

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Civ IV. I mean... it won a goddamn Emmy. Or Oscar. Or Tony. Or...a Northie.

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Actually you know what. Those last two I posted were good, but I refuse to not post my absolute favorite theme of all time.

  So, So good. 
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I am not sure if this was the Title Music (It looks like it) 
I quite like the beginning portion though( More so than the rest)

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Spyro the Dragon had some of the best music I've ever heard in a game, thanks to the incredible Stewart Copeland (who was also the drummer for The Police). The main menu had this great, catchy tune:

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@The_Laughing_Man: The Scott Pilgrim soundtrack is amazing.

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@Skar220 said:

It's this one!

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@Dany said:

So damn relaxing. I really missed it in ME2

Fuck yes, sometimes I would just sit in the dark and listen to that for a while before playing.

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This shit is so good..

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Might not be the best, but it has to be mentioned...

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ZOE2's opening is one of my all-time favorites.

And this is the opening to my favorite game of all time:

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Like in the other thread, there are lots of Title Screen songs I like as well.  Here is one.

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Have to give it to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption theme. Wasn't a huge fan of the game, but the fact that I turned the game on from time to time to just listen to the title theme tune says a lot.

While not the greatest theme ever, I have a lot of love for the Blur title theme to. Great music for a pretty great game.

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Here are some more that I like.

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Mega Man 3 has the best title screen music ever.  

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

I think this is like the 10th time ive pushed this song on this site.

Echoing the anamanaguchi love with the theme song they used for bit.trip runner

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Suprised no one posted this one.  

  Sure, Oblivion's was great. But this one, oh my god.
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This is the perfect song to get you pumped up for some Uncharted 2!

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You knows it.

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Perhaps the greatest. GET PUMPED!

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Really, no one has posted Mega Man II yet?  

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I'm a sucker for percussion. 

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@Tebbit: Highy agree and it brings back alot of fond memories
And I can't belive no one has added this yet.
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Who said it had to be from a video game?
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  First one I thought of.
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In before FF7 prelude!

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We all knew this was coming

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@Video_Game_King: Short but sweet.
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@emergency said:

You knows it.

Heck yes. I always leave it on the title screen for a couple minutes before I start playing just because of that song.
This came to mind.  I've never played Patapon but this seemed really badass. 
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  Somebody beat me to the punch with Legend of Zelda so this:

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Only the chorus plays on the title screen for the next two games but it gets a pass for being Super Robot Wars, and thus awesome.
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Giana Sisters on C64 anyday! :)

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@yoshimitz707 said:

@Skar220 said:

It's this one!

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@Tebbit: fuck yes. thread did not disappoint.  
the MGS 1 and 4 title screens are some of my favorites, but this one might be the catchiest title screen music that i've ever listened to:  
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  somebody put to zanarkand so here is my second choice

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Ah! I forgot Phantasy Star 1(SMS) God that tune is good :)