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I still do things! I promise!

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  • xpgamer7 posted a message on the post E3 2021: Learn About All the New Things You Can Shout in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

    Finally the first true Herlock Sholmes game.

  • xpgamer7 posted a message on the post 684: Brad's Leaving.

    I'm a bit of a lurker, and often awkward. But this site has been a deep and close part of me since the beginning. The mix of humor and in depth knowledge has always drawn me in, even as my age changed...

  • xpgamer7 posted a message on the post Episode 266.

    I was a huge fan of Cards Against Humanity and would see all their panels, loved seeing the charities and support they provided comedy, as well as the focus on improving board games(though I didn't pl...

  • xpgamer7 posted a message on the post 638: I Found Drugs in a Locker and I Did Them.

    @dolphin_tequila: Bit of a reverse rant, but I also want to throw some DA love.As someone who also loves dragon age I'd like to mention that the first two have aged poorly. The first is still cool in ...

  • xpgamer7 posted a message in the forum topic What is you favorite Isekai?. on the Anime board

    I read more manga than anime(which might invalidate these responses), but Mushoku Tensei is an upcoming anime that I quite enjoyed in book form. Also Rise of the Spear Hero is maybe the best injoke s...