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#1 Edited by ZandraVandra (323 posts) -


Thanks to Satellite9 for the title pic!
Thanks to Satellite9 for the title pic!

Hey hi folks! It's been a while, but now it's time to once again get together and make some games! :D


​To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Giant Bomb, make a game about an anniversary of Giant Bomb... ANY anniversary! 1st, 10th, 100th, 10,000th... any amount of time is worth celebrating!


  • Make a game! Anything works, so long as it can be submitted here and can be played!
  • START: July 28th
  • END: August 5th (submit your game before that day is over!)
  • There is a theme for returning jammers and/or folks who want some extra inspiration!
  • The theme is just a suggestion, no pressure!
  • The game should be somehow related to Giant Bomb
  • Do what you want, but please try not to be too crude or offensive - be a Giant Bomber, not a Giant Bummer!

So that's July 28th to August 5th - 9 days total, which includes two weekends. Hopefully that's enough to let as many people as possible make some really cool, really silly games!


Check out the Giant ROM Boot Camp! Resources are listed there, both in terms of programs and free assets you can use! If you have any suggestions, post 'em and I'll update accordingly.

Also, I've made a Team-Up Sheet if you want to find fellow jammers! Any questions? Post 'em here and we'll help!

Danielle Riendeau at Waypoint also posted a neat article on how to get started making games if you want some pointers!

You can also totally submit a game by yourself if you want! :D No pressure to make a masterpiece or anything - we're all making silly things out of love and inspiration. <3 Every game counts!



Like the last time, I'm hosting the jam on itch.io, which has a terrific game jam feature! Everybody will be able to post their creations there, add them to the jam, and enter their team's details at the same time. There's even an integrated ranking system that I will fill with arbitrary and silly parameters!

Are There Fabulous Prizes?

There might be. Maybe Something Neat for the games that stand out in some way! Who knows?

The scoring system for the voting round has also been revised once more to be way simpler! It's now down to enjoyment, styyyyyle (a mix of originality, concept and execution), and just how Giant Bomb a game is.


Put your team together if you don't already have one, and prepare to make a ridiculous game when the jam starts!

Happy jamming! :D

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#2 Posted by Fear_the_Booboo (1083 posts) -

Don’t know if I’ll be able to participate (I’m putting the finishing touches on a personal game and wouldn’t want to separate my time between two projects) but thank you for taking the time to organize this.

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#3 Posted by trace (3743 posts) -

Be warned: I have been tasked with matchmaking for all of y'all who note yourselves as available on the team-up sheet. I'll be kicking that effort off closer to the jam start, but the more information you put on that sheet, the more I can help you find the team that may or may not be of your dreams.

(hopefully you find a good team either way)

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#4 Posted by pizzamakesgames (10 posts) -

Just barely missed it last time around, definitely gonna throw my hat in the ring this time. Excited to see where the splash of Giant Bomb special sauce will come in to make this a different experience from your usual jams. Wonder what the themes'll be!

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#5 Posted by rmanthorp (4634 posts) -

Woo! This is always a good time for all.

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#6 Posted by TheDigitalistic (142 posts) -

This is probably a stupid question, but are we encouraged to make games that can be played by anyone? Or am I allowed to use stupid hardware that nobody else has and simply upload the project with a video?

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#7 Posted by BentMyWookiee (7 posts) -

Thank you so much for organizing another one of these! I submitted a game for Giant ROM 4 and had a great time making it. I was very impressed with the submissions of everyone else and can't wait to see what people come up with this time around.

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#8 Posted by ZandraVandra (323 posts) -

@thedigitalistic said:

This is probably a stupid question, but are we encouraged to make games that can be played by anyone? Or am I allowed to use stupid hardware that nobody else has and simply upload the project with a video?

Since it's a game jam, the game should be playable as uploaded on the site - that said, you can totally make a board game that players can print, or anything else like that! So long as folks can play it with what you provide in your jam entry, it works. ^^

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#9 Posted by boatorious (195 posts) -

Thanks for doing this Zandra! I've been looking forward to this since last time.

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#11 Posted by Metroixer (4 posts) -

i've never been part of a game jam - is it looked down upon / against the spirit to do anything before the start date? i have an idea swimming around in my head and i'm afraid of forgetting/muddying up the details by the time this is actually scheduled

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#12 Posted by DurMan667 (136 posts) -

Man I think I just had a great idea for a game for this. Time to learn how to make a game in two weeks so I can make a game in two weeks in two weeks!

@metroixer WRITE IT DOWN!

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#13 Posted by soulcake (2789 posts) -

V has come to.

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#14 Posted by dudeglove (13751 posts) -

Ok this might be doable for me

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#15 Posted by Thurbleton (190 posts) -

Very excited for this!

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#16 Posted by dstopia (365 posts) -

Gonna give this a go! Been looking for a game jam to take me away from my current projects.

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#18 Posted by theTNWOG (23 posts) -

Awesome! I had so much fun last time. I've got so many dumb ideas,

now to figure out which one...

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#20 Posted by MStankow (69 posts) -

I signed up. I have that week off so this is awesome. I hope to find a decent team cause I have no idea what to make myself. But I got art skills. And I can do music too cause I have a stupid amount of gear that needs to be used for something.

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#21 Posted by havelovewilltravel (3 posts) -

Maybe this is the wrong thread for this but... how does the theme get decided? Can we vote or suggest themes somewhere?

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#22 Posted by Driadon (3253 posts) -

Woo! Finally, I'll actually have the time set aside for this!

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#23 Posted by Ucantalas (37 posts) -

Woo! I can't wait! Last time was a lot of fun, even though I totally ran out of time trying to polish my entry up and had to scrap like half of it lol.

This time I'll have to try and keep it smaller... a large multi-dungeon RPG was maybe not a great scope for a 2 week project lol

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#24 Posted by therealtakeshi (64 posts) -

Yay! I'm psyched about it already!

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#26 Posted by cathroon (1 posts) -

Moving at the start of August, but I hope to get something submitted early!! :)

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#28 Posted by boatorious (195 posts) -

Here are some voxel models I made in Qubicle of the duders for the last Giant ROM. They are not terribly useful because I didn't have time to separate limbs out so they can't be animated without rework. But I was thinking of reusing some stuff from these models, so I wanted to share so I was not "jam cheating" :) with resources not available to all. I saved the models in FBX, OBX, VOX (magicavoxel) and QBCL (qubicle).

No Caption Provided

Zip file

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#29 Posted by aristophocles (12 posts) -
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#30 Posted by TaunT (101 posts) -

I did a different jam just last weekend but why the hell not. I'm down. Putting myself on the team sheet however that works

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#31 Posted by Nickson (6 posts) -

I'm throwing myself in the fray if any of you need Arts. This is my first game making project, but why not right? i'll be working during evenings PST, and only maybe a couple of hours a night, nothing too crazy.

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#33 Posted by Young_Scott (150 posts) -

Myself and and a friend IRL have been dabbling with game dev engines on-and-off since 2011 (everything from TorqueX through to Unity), but due to Real Life™, never have the time or motivation to make anything. We're gonna change that this year!

@zandravandra Is there an official sign-up sheet for pre-made teams? Or do we just note that on the submission?

P.S. @boatorious I've had a Qubicle licence since mid-2012 or so (around version 1.0), but I've never dived in properly... those are extremely cool, duder!!

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#34 Posted by ZandraVandra (323 posts) -

@young_scott: If you have a team, the jam submission form will let you enter teammates' names! ^^

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#35 Posted by Crackinwise (49 posts) -

@zandravandra You should post this to the Giant Bomb subreddit as well!

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#36 Posted by ZandraVandra (323 posts) -
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#37 Posted by Crackinwise (49 posts) -

@zandravandra: Thanks! We always appreciate your presence there. Can't wait to see this year's games!

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#38 Posted by Teljoor (3 posts) -

I'll be joining this year. The video for last year's jam had a lot of impressive games. I've done a few two-week jams before, but this'll be my first one-week jam. Hopefully I'll be able to make something I'm happy with in the allotted time. :)

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#39 Posted by rgdraconic (77 posts) -

throwing it out there, i am looking for someone to help me on a text-based adventure. nothing too difficult, just a lot of typing of descriptions. i.. suppose i should qualify it that it would be dan-centric. take that as you will.

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#41 Posted by BentMyWookiee (7 posts) -

Any word on the optional theme(s)? Are they just getting announced as soon as the gamejam goes live? Or will we get any idea of what they are beforehand so that we can start mentally planning?

I'm looking forward to getting started!

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#42 Posted by Shivoa (1590 posts) -

@bentmywookiee: They're chosen on this week's BEastCast (up now but I've not had time to listen to it yet). I expect this thread will get updated soon with those details.

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#43 Posted by TheDigitalistic (142 posts) -

"The (any number between 0 and 40,000th) Anniversary of Giant Bomb".

Other potential themes that were discarded were "Summer Fun", "Barbecue", "Metal Gear", and probably a couple others that I already forgot.

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#44 Posted by theTNWOG (23 posts) -

@thedigitalistic: Thanks!

I can't believe I was already writing a script that fits in that theme. That was convenient.

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#45 Posted by hell0jed (11 posts) -

The game I'll attempt to make is a game Drew played on a Quick Look that was kind of terribly made. Hopefully it'll be easier to make.

Having done a lot of game jams before, and as a professional game designer myself, I tend to scope project ideas such that I think I can finish the project in 10% of the given time, and it usually takes that entire timespan to finish. So, if this is your first game jam, try to think of something you could make in a day, or half a day, and it'll take the 9 days of the jam, maybe.

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#46 Posted by Thurbleton (190 posts) -

Going to try making something in 4 hours (4:44 attempt) if anyone cares to watch / chat tonight. Doing a sort of delivery man to different giant bomb offices game.


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#48 Edited by boatorious (195 posts) -

I made a Giant ROM discord. https://discord.gg/WwwdfP7

I know nothing about discord and I barely use it, so if you do let me know, and hopefully I can make you admin or whatever so you can set up what you need.

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#49 Edited by cyborgx7 (152 posts) -

I just finished a proof-of-concept of my idea: A GB themed Wario Ware with memorable moments from 10 years of Giant Bomb.


As you can see by my terrible programmer art, I could use some help in the art department. Both in terms of visuals and audio. I was thinking something in the pixel look, reminiscent of the original Wario Ware for Game Boy Advance, but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise. If you want to help out DM me on the site or on Discord. I'm slevin in the discord created by @boatorious

I'm in Germany so it's bedtime in a little bit. I will spend tomorrow finalizing the structure around the micro games and then use the rest of the week to keep building more of them.

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#50 Posted by SuperTaylor (12 posts) -

@cyborgx7: Hey we're making the same game! Great minds. Hope your version turns out well.