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As many of you know, next week will be the 500th episode of the Bombcast. We were hoping some of you might share your favorite Bombcast memories with us! If you let us know what you remember from episodes of yore (hopefully including an episode number (and a timecode would be amazing)) we are going to see if we can cut something together in the future as a kind of all-time highlight reel. I don't think we have a timeframe for this (it may take some time as we're heading into the busy season over here) but it might be fun! Let us know below if you have any suggestions!

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22/07/2014 around 3:15:00 could be a bit after that, the guys start talking about GameCube and the discussion about mario sunshine happens between jeff and dan. One of my favourite conversations!

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where's myggen? he archives a bunch of moments on youtube so i imagine he might have a master list of highlights (as well as a bunch of unarchived recommendations as well)

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Stabbin' dudes in the face like uh uh uh

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I made this thread awhile ago about my favorite Bombcast episodes and some ppl chimed in.

Here are some of my favorite GBC moments! (sorry not timecode...)

This clip is from the 11/24/09 edition of the Bombcast.

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This clip is from the 3/23/10 edition of the Bombcast.

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This clip is from the 01/19/2010 edition of the Bombcast.

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This clip is from the 4/06/10 edition of the Bombcast.

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Oh boy, there's so much. Thankfully, great Youtube duders have archived some of them, so I'll link those.

https://youtu.be/RwehMDQnq1o - Vinny's House Update

https://youtu.be/W77F1cY9HJM - John Drake on Matt Kessler

https://youtu.be/zvdit7qeI50 - GBeast's Internet

https://youtu.be/xco90S6JTxA - Internet Vinny

https://youtu.be/nFytTSjwLM4 - Is Ryu a Wizard?

https://youtu.be/3ImflR6Jndk - Swedish Candy

https://youtu.be/woO8uNJPaKs - Jeff's House Party and the Cop Raid

I'll let other people with better citation handle the other many, many memories.

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This is an all time favorite that comes to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vszY9hnYnEc - Giant Bombcast really life (and hate) food

others may have metioned but check out Myggen Myggen's Youtube channel...


thepunishert is great too for a lot of really funny older stuff


I'll be posting some favorites here in a bit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I42SIjVWzvA - Itchy or Damp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJRPsphVUNw - Is Taco Bell Food?

Also anything from the early 2014 Australia Beef, Shit bandit, and science beef saga is just golden. I think it was around March of 2014.

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This thread just made me remember these:

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This could be my absolute favorite bombcast moment ever. To this day I can listen to it and laugh like the first time I heard it. So god damn funny. 09/01/2009 - 2:05:45

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This next one would is a close runner up I think. It's a perfect representation of how well these 4 bounced off each other. 3/23/2010

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The Murder Slingshot aka the thing that had me laughing so hard i actually had to pull over so I wouldn't crash my car.

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The Funkmaster Flex stuff should be mentioned.

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It was already mentioned, but thepunishert and Myggen Myggen have most of the work done.

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Some kind of cut of the Australian beef and shit bandit series that seemed to go on forever.

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Most of my favorites are already here, so here's Epic Mickey.

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I immediately thought of these four moments.

1. Jeff talking about Blitzball/buying 3 versions of FF X in one night. 08/12/14 Starting at 15:30

2. Dan's egg white story. It's from 2014. I can't find which one, though. I found a YouTube Clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZveytjmGWT8

3. Jeff learning that you can stack fruit in Animal Crossing. 06/04/13 Starting at 1:14:00

4. "Capcom is making a new video game, ya'll." "...No they aren't!" 08/12/14 at 2:48:15

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Keepers of the Lore here.

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No one is more authentic than, future senator, Kid Rock

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I really liked the My Notebook section, specifically when Ryan and Jeff read the Nintendo press releases at the same time for two My Notebooks, sorry but I don't know what episode it was.

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This doesn't count since it was at Pax East, and it's pretty long, but man but that moment when Jeff pulls out his wallet killed me.


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Long ones.


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And a short one.


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I wish I had a timestamp or episode number, but I don't. I just remember when I first started to become a fan of GiantBomb and listening to an episode where Vinny talked about his home renovation and how he had a... sewage accident. It was just a really hilarious moment and made me fall in love with the atmosphere that I feel GiantBomb has cultivated. Just a bunch of friendly people who like video games, but also do other stuff too and sharing that is just as fun.

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I'll have to find the episode and the timestamp later - but the one where Dave Lang guests in on an ad segment as the "intern" to Small Business Man is the first thing that comes to mind.

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I don't have a reference (hopefully someone can help out with this), but I love the moment where Vinny went all the way and said the word *potential for offense here!* cunt , and it blew everyone else's minds.

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slalom, synth and mouthtubes

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I don't have a reference (hopefully someone can help out with this), but I love the moment where Vinny went all the way and said the word *potential for offense here!* cunt , and it blew everyone else's minds.

Golden moment! :

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I have gone back and listened to these so many times over the years.

Weird Websites (5/1/12 first few minutes):


Hot Dance 98/Block Rocking Beats (6/11/11):


Big Dog Pitbull (3/29/11):


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I don't have any specific examples, but the energy drink reviews of the early days have gotta be in there.

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This still holds up to me as the most hilarious moment of the Bombcast. Jeff's discovery at a Spencer's Gifts. HASHTAG SPENCERS!

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Two of my favorite classic Bombcast bits

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@captain_insano: There's a clip of that segment at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU71mFo0WXQ (although it does have a weird music video thing at the end...)

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All of these:

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Three words.

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There's so many of them and most are on youtube, which is great. I'll be back here with more, but for now I'm going to leave this one:

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And this:

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And, of course, the mythical "Australian Beef". There's a fantastic supercut available but the whole "beef" became so complex to the point where even the supercut is long:

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I go back and listen to the Terminator movie conversation every now and then, it gets me every time.

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Dan asserts that Terminator 3 is better than Terminator....which leads Jeff to retort:

"Tha...what..fu...GOD DAMN...what?!"

Eventually Jeff says "Jesus CHRIST, Dan." in the same way one might call out a frenzied genocidal dictator who'd gone a bit far.

It's classic stuff.

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I have a folder with a bunch of Bombcasts saved and renamed for my favourites... though many of them are less 'moments' and more running gags or repeated jokes throughout an episode. But here's some (dates as in the filenames):

The earliest I think I have is 040808 at 1:04:37 - A brief bit of energy drink action, but it's mainly "my sister takes the non-frosted strawberry poptarts..."

04-16-2013 from the start - "Tuesday actual" - Vinny's comedy causes Ryan to restart the podcast, but Jeff sabotages it.

082509 at 1:26:38 - Who can forget Peter Molyneux's Balls. Might be unusable though...

111313 at 12:48 - Mario's musical Wahs are sucking out Jeff's soul.

120809 at 13:09 - Watch out for civilian casualties when dropping those F-bombs.

121812 starting at 1:32:48, but more the end at 1:37:20 - email discussion of ghosts vs werewolves, but Ryan shuts Jeff down when he claims he would be a 'friendly ghost'.

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@zeg: I completely forgot about Peter Molyneux's big glorious liver spotted balls until now thanks for reminding me that's a thing that exists.

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Wii/DSi ware releases.

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@ohbabes: I love how the Mario Sunshine bit is right there too.

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Pizza Ball

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Can't forget the legend of batmanbatmanbatman.com

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@damodar: Patrick predicting the future was the first thing I thought of for this

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Chris with the white car

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03/04/2014 - Drew buys a Sous Vide machine, and Vinny has an opinion on it. Conversation starts around 08:00 minute mark, punchline is at 10:54. Vinny is the fucking best.

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2 words: muh balls.

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I dont really have a top bombcast per say, but any time Jeff brings up the nintendo downloads and the rest of the crew trying to stop him will always bring a smile on my face.

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Jeff roasting Destiny in GOTY discussions is a must have

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Jeff telling the story of how some girl was stealing change from his room during a house party.

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