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#1 Posted by Rorie (5672 posts) -

Comment here for a chance to win if you're a Premium member! Don't need to say anything elaborate, but tell me a joke if you feel like it! I'll pick a winner in a couple weeks and send out a bunch of stuff all at once! Today we have this weird plastic hockey mask, a physical set of Gwent (opened but should be intact), and a Cards Against Humanity Reject Pack!

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#2 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8845 posts) -

I saw a snowman at the grocery store the other day browsing the vegetables.

He was picking his nose.

#3 Posted by KingBonesaw (1383 posts) -

Super Bowl prediction - Pats win 21-9

#4 Posted by bathala (1467 posts) -

Ben stop stealing chat stuff

#5 Posted by Triphos (110 posts) -

I want that Jason mask so I can scare my cats

#6 Posted by timesolo (15 posts) -

Mondo Cool

#7 Posted by rgdraconic (70 posts) -

ben stole all.

#8 Posted by Teddified (40 posts) -

football sucks!

#9 Posted by Robubie (22 posts) -

Hey it's me, Robbie!

#10 Posted by Dysmalnitch (5 posts) -


#11 Posted by dazzhardy (1459 posts) -

Insert a witty Jerry Lawler Puppy Joke here!

#12 Posted by PsalmsAlive (18 posts) -

What use to smoke weed bro

#13 Posted by venom (62 posts) -


#14 Posted by longevitous (262 posts) -


#15 Posted by takitusmaximus (3 posts) -

This is my favorite comment on Giant Bomb!

#16 Posted by ricobanderas (188 posts) -

Commenting. Not being crazy. Am premium.

#17 Posted by YapaPanda (226 posts) -

Heyo! GooGooGaGa

#18 Posted by bugbarbecue (210 posts) -

why wear that mask to play hockey?

#19 Posted by jjking700 (11 posts) -


#20 Posted by mrbubbles (1411 posts) -

I'm commenting for those gwent cards

#21 Posted by Silver-Streak (1984 posts) -

I have no jokes, but those things look neat?

#22 Posted by lostinthewired (71 posts) -

Cool S!

#23 Posted by party_hats (38 posts) -

Thanks Rorie!

#24 Posted by cmoon4140 (1 posts) -
#25 Posted by paulofmandown (7 posts) -


#26 Posted by shotodrag (56 posts) -

I would very much enjoy gaining possession of that Card against Humanity pack, thank you very much. Have a great weekend. I love you.

#27 Posted by sorlac (6 posts) -

I want the cards. The Witcher ones.

#28 Posted by Fezrock (720 posts) -

How did the polar bear break the ice?

He sat down.

#29 Posted by atlashugged (7 posts) -

Three men are in the middle of a desert when their car breaks down. For their hike to town, they each decide to take one thing with them.

One man takes a jug of water. The second man takes a sandwich. The last man takes one of the car doors.

The first man says to the last man: “I’m bringing the water because if I get thirsty, I can take a drink. And it makes sense to bring a sandwich in case we get hungry, but why bring a car door?”

The last man replies, “If I get hot, I can just roll down the window.”

#30 Posted by Rohay (133 posts) -

I wanna play some Real Gwent

#31 Posted by roars5000 (95 posts) -

Let’s a-go!

#32 Posted by SirOrakle (1 posts) -

Two pretzels were walking down the street

One was a salted.

#33 Posted by PrioritySeven (341 posts) -

Let's go Pats! 34-17 Patriots, TB12 MVP.

#34 Posted by super_generico (15 posts) -

why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water

because he was a little horse


#35 Edited by Monkeyman04 (2792 posts) -

Just posting here so I don't get fined. - Marshawn Lynch

#36 Posted by djspyguy (1 posts) -

I'm just making a comment to enter the contest.

#37 Posted by Skrillbak (6 posts) -

A man walks into a zoo. The only animal there is a dog. It's a Shitzu.

#38 Posted by Broshmosh (19 posts) -

Here's the biggest joke of all: Brexit.

#39 Posted by Propagandapanda (56 posts) -
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How about a pup?

#40 Posted by Xenolalia (4 posts) -

Thanks ben

#41 Posted by johnny_cache (3 posts) -

I'm here for the gwent.

#42 Posted by Jackal45 (1 posts) -

Don't pick me!

#43 Posted by zolloz89 (287 posts) -

I tried to sign into a site labeled Danger Zone...

But I had too many Loggins.

#44 Posted by RaynorShine (58 posts) -

Rams 31 pats 28

#45 Posted by VoidBarrel (16 posts) -


#46 Edited by camwil (102 posts) -

Blank mask

#47 Posted by jchandlerw (5 posts) -

Better Super Bowl Prediction - Major wardrobe malfunction leads to major revelation: Tom Brady and Gisele were actually the same person the whole time

#48 Posted by DaMoo (75 posts) -

I gave away all my dead batteries, free of charge of course. Thanks Rorie!

#49 Posted by rafar (35 posts) -

Someday I’ll have to look up the origin of “tossing my hat in.”

#50 Edited by hassun (9920 posts) -

Have a doggy!

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